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    Kids tipping a porta potty

    No chance getting a good shot when running
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    Bike Theft

    Bike left outside unattended and unlocked, 2 minutes later it's stolen. Here is the boring and useless capture with a dahua mini bullet. I suspect even with a lot of zoom, the harsh sun back lighting and dark complexion it wouldn't give an ID.
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    Operation repo

    Captured this on one of my old analog cameras that I haven't gotten around to converting to IP. Cops came and let him trailer the car away so guessing he's a repo guy.
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    blue iris machine recommendation

    "Lenovo S510 10KY002BUS Small Form Factor Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5-6400 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 10 Professional" $340 What are your opinions on this machine to run 6 camera's (1) 2mp, (3) 4mp, (1) 3mp, and (1) 5mp all running 15fps. I have an spare stick of ram and a WD...
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    Car spins out into my lawn

    Not very exciting. Noticed some tracks and torn up grass. Dude tried an hour to dig out, finally got a wrecker to tow him out. Hikvision Darkfighter Longse low light destroyer
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    Hikvision DS-2CD4526FWD Darkfighter

    Haven't seen any sample footage online from the Hikvision DS-2CD4526FWD Darkfighter so here you go. Just hung it up so still messing with the settings. 1/60 exposure, 2 60w equivalent LED porch lights, IR cannon shooting into the street, onboard IR off. Picture next to dahua blackface for...
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    Neighbors wheels stolen 2

    Two more neighbors had their wheels stolen in their driveway. I'm guessing these are the guys since they drove slowly by my place 3 times. They stopped at a few houses to walk around their front yards. Seems this happens every couple of weeks. Shot with 4mp hikvision turret with 4mm lens and...
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    CMVision IR9 Illuminator

    Had this for a few months and finally mounted it up to help out a crappy 4mp hikvision turret. Pretty happy with it, has a much wider beam than my other one, a Univivi U06R which is more like a...
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    Another wheel theft

    Local wheel theft again (not my footage). They spray painted the camera with red paint at the beginning like in the movies but you can still see after. Look like hikvision bullets when they showed them on the news, osd font looks the same too. Wonder if they make some sort of driveway alarm.
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    Another License plate capture project

    After seeing all you guys and your plate capture/recognition setups I thought i'd give it a go. I got a Huisun v2 but it's too tall to fit on the trim board under the soffit. So I took an old 4mp hikvision turret and did the 25mm lens hack and placed it in the window to see how close it is to...
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    Neighbors wheels stolen

    Caught part of a wheel theft across the street. Was messing around with motion recording and forgot to go back to constant. Longse s500, with my old hikvision you'd see nothing. Too bad I didn't get around to the license plate capture cam yet.
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    Mini ptz v2 vs hikvision 7608ni nvr

    I have a 7608ni with poe that powers every camera I've ever tried. Over 10 varying from hikvision, dahua, and longsee. I have a mini ptz v2 that powers up with 3 different poe switches and works. But when I put the v2 on the hikvision 7608 it won't power up on poe, no boot up or movement...
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    opening a turret camera

    Anyone have experience opening a turret camera? I have a longse 5mp that just arrived that is out of focus. I haven't heard back from the vendor yet so as a last resort I'd try to open it up and try to refocus it. There are no screws anywhere just a ball with a seam down the middle, I'm...
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    New setup advice, ditching 4mp

    I had a lightning strike that took out all my whole system, originally hikvision nvr and 3mp hikvision cameras. I replaced the cameras with the new 4mp which have been a major disappointment and now i want to go back to the 3mp. I have a mini dome at the front door but it seems too wide, it's...
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    Huisun 1.3 20x speeddome autotracking

    Just sharing samples of the autotracking of the 1.3 20x speeddome. I'm underwhelmed with autotracking but still like the dome.
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    hikvision 5.3.0 firmware compatability with dahua nvr

    Shot in the dark here since most of you guys probably aren't running a goofball setup. I've been running a few hikvision cameras on a dahua nvr, worked great along with motion detection. I upgraded most cameras to 5.3.0 firmware and they've been working fine until I removed 2 and put them...
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    Door kicker messes with my car

    So this low life walking by my work and decides to kick my passenger car door in. Don't know if he was drinking alcohol or what. I'm really disappointed in my night time video, reminds me of my old analog cameras. It's a hikvision 3mp bullet. The building to the wall is 60 feet so I'm not...
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    Eye level cameras

    Anyone know of any covert style eye level ip cameras? I'd like to place one in a lobby of my business to capture faces as people leave to better take advantage of the light. I've seen some cropped pictures released by the police from a local store that takes great shots. I recognized the store...
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    POE switches

    I'm looking for a poe switch to eventually power a system with around 12-16 cameras. Most switches don't have poe to all ports and those that do are very expensive. I ran across this one: NETGEAR ProSafe M4100-26-POE 24-Port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplink...