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  1. riogrande75

    Dahua VTO event manager script

    I always wanted a script that notifies me of any event of my VTO2000A (doorbell ringing, faults, video motion, etc.). With such a script I could send notifications to my mobile phone, send emails,... With the help of some other users we realized this idea in PHP: The DahuaEventHandler So far...
  2. riogrande75

    Deactivate ID and time in V380's pic

    Got a new V380 mini wifi cam and set it up to be recorded by my NAS (rtsp->surveillance station). Unfortunately the ID and the actual time are displayed in the cam's pic permanently. Any idea on how I could remove that? There is no option in the mobile phone app that was used for setting up the...
  3. riogrande75

    Dahua config backup encrypted?

    I'm running some VTO2000A devices. For some specific hacks I modified the "DeviceConfig.backup" file (actually just a simple xml file) and uploaded it to the device again. This was working fine until Dahua started to sign it's new firmware files (>2017). Now the config backup is much bigger but...
  4. riogrande75

    VTO2000A new V4 firmware

    Found a new SIP firmware with english sounds for the VTO2000A. Some major changes were made, so they call it V4 now (General_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V4.000.0000000.1.R.20180606). You can download it from here:Коментарии и оценки I installed it without any problems using VDPconfig from the toolbox...
  5. riogrande75

    DAHUA RS485 protocol

    Hi! Im currently analyzing Dahua's RS485 protocol that is used to interconnect VTO/VTH's and expansions. My goal is, to add a fingerprint from Dahua's security products (ASR1102A) and maybe other stuff. Is there any dahua RS485 protocol (DH-SD?) description available?
  6. riogrande75

    DAHUA VTO2000A and fingerprint

    I'm running a VTO2000A at my house' door with SIP firmware. Now I want to add a fingerprint sensor. The official VTO2000-F cannot be integrated anymore, so I found Dahua' ASR1102A that would fit better. Looking at the manuals it seems pretty similar to the VTO2000-F, just power and a RS485 bus...
  7. riogrande75

    VTO2000A and SIP video resolution

    Hi! I recently installed a VTO2000A at my house' door runnning a modified version of the latest SIP firmware (General_Overseas_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V1.000.00.0.R.20170425.bin). I hooked up the device in my astersik server (11.13.1~dfsg-2+deb8u5) and I am able to make SIP video calls from and to...