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    Well, I had to contact the place where I bought a camera from in order to get new firmware. :confused: Otherwise the camera has been working ok. I think the web control is missing some features that are included with Hikvision branded cameras but I'm not sure.
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    Same hardware, different brand

    But the store seems to be very professional and authorized reseller (if that is a thing). I don't think they are Chinese and the shop is based in EU. It looks ok for me but I just want to make sure that they are upgradable. Isn't it usually possible to use original Dahua firmware on rebranded...
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    Same hardware, different brand

    The models numbers with those numbers don't exists and seem to be only for the distributor. Those seem not to be chinese models because of information found on dahua website. Both have "S3" suffix. However it too seems to be distributor spesific and no mention on naming table.
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    Same hardware, different brand

    Hi. I found a shop selling rebranded Dahua cameras and the original ones. The rebranded are 4€ cheaper. I'm guessing the firmware will be a problem so are the original ones better. I'm not 100% it is same camera but they seem to have identical specs. Which one is better? Are these cameras...
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    Searching PTZ for 24/7/365 PTZ

    That HIK camera seems to have a very unique and original design. :rolleyes:
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    ip camera behind window?

    The heat may be a problem but the biggest problem is IR reflecting from the glass. More: Page 4, Common mistakes IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes | IP Cam Talk
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    opening two doors nvr

    Opening ports can be very dangerous. (+UPNP lets any computer or device to open ports so it not good unless really necessary (Source)) VPN Primer for Noobs If you want to open ports: If the first uses ports 2015, 8000, 1554 try 2016, 8001 and 1555 for the second one.
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    How many port (forwarding) do I need on DS-2CD4126FWD-IZHZ

    Hei I'm not 100% sure if the router supports it but if there is an option to use Ipsec or OpenVPN tunnel (Not passthrough) it will work. You have to use direct ip if the router does not support No-ip (or another external device like raspberry pi) The tunnel just basically lets you use all...
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    How many port (forwarding) do I need on DS-2CD4126FWD-IZHZ

    It's not recommended to open any ports and use a vpn instead VPN Primer for Noobs If you really want to open ports: 554 for RTSP 80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS 8000 is server port. Optionally: 22 is SSH - (Not to be opened unless really needed) 8200 is for miniDLNA I have no idea what are 7001...
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    Foscam fi9828p - Strange Colours

    Hi. I found few messages from the Foscam forum with same or similar problem. Foscam Forum • View topic - rainbow effect Foscam Forum • View topic - FI8910W - Heat and sensor problem? (pic) Foscam Forum • View topic - Foscam FI9821W Color Bleeding
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    Getting Axis M3045-V IP camera to work with Hikvision nvr-208m-a/8p NVR

    Hi. If the NVR tells that the network is unreachable check it's connection to local network and that the camera is accessible from the network the NVR is connected.
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    Linux script for motion detect and snapshot?

    Python & OpenCV (I have used SimpleCV because it is easier to use) sightmachine/simplecv-examples Supports MJPEG streams. SimpleCV Cookbook — SimpleCV v1.2 documentation Recording SimpleCV Cookbook — SimpleCV v1.2 documentation I'm sure there are better solutions than this : p
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    Securing Hikvision system for May 2018

    It would work against bruteforce attacks. EDIT: actually it's as useful as better password but it's still more difficult to crack because nobody expects the username would have been changed.
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    Hikvision or Axis?

    Axis. More reliable and better support in my opinnion.
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    IP Cameras with clean HTML5 interface (no plugins!)

    It's weird that Axis still requires Internet Explorer to configure motion detection even though it could be easily done with javascript. Same for Hikvision (at least on newer models). Axis has the best web controls in my opinnion. :D
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    QNAP Connecting issue

    Solved. Users accounts for the cameras needed operator privileges.
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    QNAP Connecting issue

    Hi. I set up 2 cameras to a new NAS. They worked very well until I tried to configure motion detection. Now the cameras have "Connecting" status even though the surveillance station gets a screenshot from the cameras. + The cameras are working normally with web interface. And I tested them...
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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

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    VLC Access/ HTML2.0 ?!

    rtsp:// and /axis-media/media.amp
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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

    Bump. Mmmmmm. True.
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    Abnormal cpu usage after 2/3 hours of working

    Windows isn't as reliable as linux. (For example Debian) Blue Iris looks nice though. Sadly most programs just aren't available on linux or there are no good alternatives.
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    Abnormal cpu usage after 2/3 hours of working

    Windows, the world of memory leaks.
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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

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    Hiwatch (Hikvision) recording

    Hi. How to setup recording on Hiwatch cameras? So far I have setupped a working FTP Connection and tested it. Recording trigger is set to "send to nas/ftp/email" but nothing happens even if the camera see movement. I checked the FTP folder and there is only 1 test file from the camera. I have...
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    That looks like a rebranded Xiaomi. Maybe it is? Yea. Exactly same specs.
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    SD Card problems

    The card seems to be readable with computer.. Not good for the camera. Edit: Nvm, the card is broken.
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    SD Card problems

    Hi. We today installed P3363-VE and had it up and running but when we were configuring the recording settings we noticed that none of our old recordings were visible. We figured it out that it was about the SD card and opened the camera to check it. It was physically fine and not locked but it...
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    Can't find camera & can't use SADP

    nvm got it working