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    Hikvision NVR DS-7608N-E2/8P Chinese problem.

    Hello all, I tried to upgrade my 7608 to a newer digicap.dav 3.4.98 file. I orgininally bought the device in china, and the seller made it english himself, i guess. After my upgrade the device won't boot and start beeping. Then i connected the UART cable to my laptop and try to upgrade the...
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    NTP issues with 2 cams DS-2CD2132F-IS and DS-2CD2632F-IS.

    Hello all, I have 2 camera's, a DS-2CD2632F-IS and a DS-2CD2132F-IS. Both are originally chinese but they are made english by the ebay-seller, i guess. I want to set up NTP and when i press test it works. Also i have enabled DST as i live in the Netherlands. The system time is correct and...