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    Junction box mount for DS-2CD2132F-IS

    Can anyone please advise on which junction box mount is compatible with the new DS-2CD2132F-IS? Is it compatible with junction box mounts for the "old" 2CD2132 range?
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    Newbie all-Hikvision set-up

    Hi All, I'm new on here but have been trying to do a bit of homework before posting. I'd like to have a 3 camera all-Hikvision with NVR set-up, and I'm a bit ham-strung with wiring, and would like to make use of powerline home plugs for ethernet within the house where possible. So this is what...
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    Just joined, from UK. Looking to get thoughts, help and advice from you experienced bunch, and then share my final install. Plan is for a three IP camera set-up: considering Hikvision 2232 and 2332 3MP cameras, or a ucam247 set-up.