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    Anyone from UK here?

    Would love to get some tips from you!!!!
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    Hi Peeps, My BI PC has a 256GB SSD and a 10TB HDD. Would you recommend recording clips to the SSD and the continuous recording to the HDD? I am assuming then I would clone each camera to record to the SSD? Thanks in advance.
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    Cameras all connected

    Hi Peeps, Newbie here, and with help from fellow members here, I'm slowly getting there!!!! I have 7 cameras which are connected to a POE Switch, which in turn is connected directly to my BI PC. The switch and cameras are all on the same subnet, so not communicating on the net. Now, I want...
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    Ordered my cameras and PC....NEED HELP...NOOBIE!!!!

    Hi all, I have finally ordered my cameras from Andy, which should arrive soon: 5 x IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 1 x IPC-HFW2831T-ZS 1 x IPC-HDW5631R-ZE I have also got an 10 port gigabit POE switch which has 2 uplinks. I have ordered a Dell Optiplex i7-8700 PC (16GB RAM, 10TB HDD, 256 SSD & Windows Pro)...
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    Double width driveway

    Hi, I have a double width driveway leading to a double garage, approximately 12m wide and 8 metres long. Would you recommend 2 cameras, 1 to cover each car, or just 1 camera to cover both cars???? I have 2 security floodlights, 1 over each garage door, thus the driveway is very well lit at...
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    Best setup for 15 cameras

    Hi Peeps, I seriously need some help. I am looking to install 15 cameras around the home (in and out): 5 x 5mp - Continuous recording for 10 days at 25fps 5 x 5mp - Motion triggered recording only - 10 days at 25fps 5 x 2mp - Continuous recording for 10 days at 25fps Connected to TV, and...