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    First time home owner looking to do my home security right.
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    wonder if we could make our own camera cheaper if needed in large number?

    The only thing I might be interested in myself would be a doorbell that does everything right.
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    Looking for USA made 4k turret cameras w/colored night vision

    Regardless of whether that's true or not, I simply distrust any camera or IoT device on basic principle. Just keep them isolated from the rest of your network (physically or through VLAN), keep them from connecting to the Internet and only allow your NVR/surveillance software (such as Blue Iris)...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    Look through previous posts, a working one has already been found (might even be two different ones that have been confirmed to work but can't remember for sure). That post includes information on what DIP switch settings to use for that particular receiver.
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    Check previous posts in this topic several pages back for multiple suggestions, including using a general purpose 433Mhz receiver to detect pressing of the doorbell. You could then use that to trigger taking a picture through the onvif interface and sending that by email. Haven't had time to...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    Is there an actual line of sight between doorbell and chimes, ie. can you actually see one from where the other is located? Just want to make sure because 17m with any walls (an certainly floors!) in between would probably be too much for the signal to get through, especially if they're...
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    Ubiquiti UniFi 24 port PoE+ 250W switch for sale (Netherlands)

    I have a Ubiquiti UniFi 24 port PoE 250W switch for sale here in the Netherlands. Cost EUR 400 when I bought it brand new in October of 2019. It's in perfect working condition, the only reason I'm selling is that its fans make way too much noise for where it's currently located (not very far...
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    POE ONVIF compatible doorbell with WiFi/poe chimes

    The lens of the YooSee doorbell is simply optically out of focus which can be easily fixed as has been discussed here before. You will need to open up the device, loosen the screw that fixates the focussing and then focus it properly. The difference will be night and day in terms of quality...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    You're not using the phones in 'speaker' or 'hands free' mode? Actually you're not making a phone call but using the app so I guess it might very well be in speaker mode. It's easy to get audio feedback that way. Try lowering the volume of your phone or perhaps you can adjust the sensitivity of...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    No experience whatsoever with the audio part of this thing but that sounds like a feedback loop. What are you using to talk/listen at the other end and is audio there coming out of speakers or a headphone/earpiece?
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    Playback tab in Dahua web interface not showing any clips

    Problem solved. When I put in the SD card I disconnected the camera and as a result the date and time were reset to Jan 1 2000. Since I don't have it setup to sync to an NTP (yet) the clips it was recording had that same date. I also didn't realize that the list in Playback only shows clips...
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    Playback tab in Dahua web interface not showing any clips

    I did actually, as far as I can tell that's mainly a more sophisticated way of searching and filtering for clips. It doesn't show any clips either. Attached is a screenshot. In the mean time the Used Capacity has gone up to 1230M so something is getting written to that card. Thank for the...
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    Playback tab in Dahua web interface not showing any clips

    Hi, I had these micro SD cards still lying around and finally had the time to put them into my cameras. First (and only) camera I tried it with is a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE . Inserted the card and setup the camera to do continuous recording. At least that's what I thought. However I don't see any clips...
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    Hikvision Honeypot Hackathon

    Please tell me you had the camera trained on an actual honeypot :)
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    Severe Vulnerability in iBaby Monitor M6S
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    Running multiple CAT6 cables - many spools at once? How to manage spool lengths efficiently

    You could measure the weight. Current weight/initial weight = roughly percentage left. If you know the weight of an empty spool you can get an even more accurate estimate.
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    How Amazon Is Trying To Stop Package Theft

    There's a thread on this already:
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    Interesting video on Stopping Package theft

    I remember that, was great fun to watch. Was somewhat disappointed to find out later on it was staged.
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    Interesting video on Stopping Package theft

    I've always found this baffling. The whole idea of leaving packages on the doorstep seems absurd to me, except perhaps in rural areas. Package theft is near zero here in the Netherlands as leaving package on the porch/doorstep unguarded basically just doesn't happen in the Netherlands and never...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    I've experienced that too, sometimes it wouldn't find it and other times it would. Try rebooting your PC and make sure IPCTestTool is the first program you run. Try connecting it to the same switch your PC is connected to if that's not already the case.
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    The default is no password whatsoever. If you want it to have a password you need to set it through the app. Not all functionality is available if you don't give it a password but you can stream the rtsp feed without ever setting a password. I'm using it like that with BI. The IPCTestTool...
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    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    I would think that the (possibility of) a lethal shock is as important to the OP as it would be to someone at the Pentagon. I don't see why a private installation should be any less secure, especially if avoiding that particular risk pretty much entirely and without cost or effort is trivial as...
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    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    If that's easy to do just use burial rated cable (or at least outdoor/wet rated) and forget about trying to pull it through the conduit. That's my advice.
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    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    Depends on your location. I looked it up and here in the Netherlands this is against NEN1010, our local safety guidelines for low-voltage installations. Yes they are guidelines and not strictly legally binding (this has gone to court several times actually, the main reason they're not binding...
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    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    The direction of interference to be concerned about in this case is from 50/60Hz mains to the Ethernet cable, not the other way around. Even though that's not RF it could still cause interference but like I said with such low current and only 5 meters it's probably not going to be a problem...
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    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    It's not recommended to do this for safety and insurance reasons and depending on where you live may be against code. Will it work? Most probably yes, with such low current especially (low current means weak EM field means little interference). But don't come complaining here if your house burns...
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    Windows client?

    I have been using this one for well over 15 years at least, very happy with it: If your Internet connection is very slow you can manually configure it to use fewer colors which helps a lot but in general this performs extremely well anyway. On a LAN connection you will...
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    Please help! I have no idea what I’m doing!

    You want a camera that curses at random ⃰? Each to their own I guess :) ⃰ Yes I know that that is a gross simplification of Tourette's syndrome
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    Construction Site fiasco

    Looks a bit like these robots from The Black Hole:
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    300 yards

    Using cable glide lubricant might also help but I would definitely not try pulling through 300 yards at once, cutting up and glueing together is what I would do. And yes it's (obviously I would almost say) best to pull cable before burying. Using wider tubing/duct also helps. And although it...