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    What UPS

    I'm thinking I'm ready for a UPS. (Should have done is sooner.) I've been reading of heat/fire issues and wondering what model to go for. I have a HP Elitedesk running BI and when finished will have 7 -8 cameras. Also have things like my Router, switch, a couple of different hubs and a small NAS...
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    Connecting two microphones to one camera.

    With a Y-connector. Any reason why this would not work?
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    Using a PoE cat6 cable for power only

    I would like to use a PoE switch with cat6 cable to power a small IR illuminator and a microphone. Is this not advisable for some reason? What color wires or pin numbers in a cat6 cable are power?
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    This app is not licensed. Please purchase it from google play

    Keep getting this message. Not sure why. I tried to just buy it again, but it won't let me. Says its already installed. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Securing home networks

    I know the consensus is to secure your network cameras. I'm a little curious if IP cams are more susceptible in some way than every other connected device we have in our homes. My house (as I'm sure many of you) is full of wifi connected, as well as hard wired devices. Everything from...
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    Recording Failed

    I have a Samsung Galaxy TabS4 tablet with tinyCamPro 14.2.2. Camera is a Hikvision PTZ. When trying to record from the camera icon on live video feed of tinyCam, the icon turns red and a recording timer starts. After stopping the recording and trying to view it with the play button on the...
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    Small light "orbs" and motion detection

    What exactly are the small little objects floating around and visible by cameras at night? Doesn't matter what camera I'm using. I see what looks like dust particles or bugs moving past the camera. I've got motion detection set at 20 and it still triggers the recording. How do you deal with this?
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    Removing time/date from live view

    Is there any way to do this on a Hikvision camera? Searched the settings and I'm not seeing this option.
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    Mounting a DS-2DE4A425IW-DE

    Getting ready to mount the above ptz with a CB-DE4A junction box. Even though this seems to be the approved junction box, the cam doesn't fit it very well. Certainly won't be water tight without some sore of gasket or seal. Anyone mount one of these with this box? How did you get it waterproof?
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    Losing video stream?

    Love this app. It's worked perfectly for a while. Then slowly I noticed the video stream began to freeze and then I lose it altogether. It comes and goes if you leave it alone. Audio is fine regardless of video. I'm using a Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS connected directly to my router. No PC or NVR...
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    Why is power consumption an issue?

    I've been reading threads regarding concerns about power consumption. Why is this such an issue? Is it long term cost? Heat?
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    Rack mount power supply

    I've been looking for a solution for a rack mount power strip for a small server rack. Any suggestions?
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    Used HP computer with Intel VPro

    It seems the used HP elitedesk and prodesk models I'm seeing utilize Intel VPro/AMT. I've read some of the security issues with VPro. Anyone have experience with it good or bad?
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    Best Tablet to View Cams

    Apple, Android, Windows, regardless... What would give the best video performance? I'm thinking android but am open to any format. Besides format, are there best practice screen resolution and processor speeds to look for? Is it beneficial to go for the top of the line units vs. entry level...
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    Better performance?

    I'm using a Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS. Optical zoom is at 100%. I'm also digitally zooming about 4x additional. Video isn't as smooth as I would like and I'm not sure if it is the limitations of the camera I'm using or a setting. Here is a screen shot of my video settings: Here is a short...
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    Axis vs. Dahua

    I'm comparing these two camera: Axis P1448-LE Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS. The Dahua appears to have a better...
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    B&H Photo

    Are they the only "authorized" retailer for US Hikvision branded products?
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    Is WDR on by default on this camera? I don't see any reference to it in the Web interface.
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    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E vs. IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E

    I was interested in the 5231 variant of this camera and Andy suggested the 5241 instead. He felt it was newer and more stable. I know there have been issues with focus at full zoom on the 5231. I've looked at both units and the only difference that I can see is that the 5231 has 60 fps and the...
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    Camera aesthetics

    I can see why consumer grade cameras like Arlo and Ring are attractive to some folks. They're much smaller and less obtrusive than cameras from Dahua and Hikvision. It seems the trade off of quality and security to obtain ease of installation and a smaller, less noticeable camera are worth it to...
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    Windows client?

    Is it possible to have a dedicated BI machine in my basement and be able to access and control it from a laptop somewhere else? (On same wifi network) From what I can find there is no windows client to do this? It wouldn't seem possible with two separate licenses. How are you folks accessing...
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    Help me understand sensor size and type

    Trying to grasp differences in sensors. Couldn't find anything in the wiki area regarding ways to determine best sensor size for a specific application. Can someone clarify sensor sizing and type or maybe point me somewhere than could explain it in a way simple enough to understand?
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    Browser plugins

    Do Hikvision cameras have the same browser/plugin issues as Dahua?
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    How to digital zoom?

    I have a DH-IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS . Spec sheet lists 16x digital zoom. I'm using the cam directly connected to my router with web IP cam viewer. How do I use digital zoom? There is no selection in the browser window that I can find.
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    Help with camera choice

    Over the past few weeks I've been learning a lot about camera options and equipment. Once I decide on going with either an NVR or PC with software, i'm planning on a 25x zoom turret camera to view various bird feeders and houses on my property. (And to help with an overall security program. )...
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    Camera Suggestion

    I posted this in the chit-chat section, but maybe it would be better to post here. Hope that's okay! So, now I'm looking for a camera that can mount about eight feet away from a bird feeder that can focus on the feeder only. So, I'm assuming a vari-focal style that can be zoomed in on the...
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    Another Bird Brain Question

    So, now I'm looking for a camera that can mount about eight feet away from a feeder that can focus on the feeder only. So, I'm assuming a vari-focal style that can be zoomed in on the feeder. Also need audio and would prefer to use PoE from the camera ethernet cable and not to wire separate...
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    Cam for watching birds

    Hello all, I'm new here, please be kind! I have a bunch of hobbies that I'm fairly proficient in, this is not one of them. We've got a few bird feeders/houses set up in the back yard/woods and I'm thinking having the ability to view bird activity on my laptop (or phone/ipad) would be pretty...