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    BI 4 & 5 Both have Mem Leak with I5-8400 using suggested vc driver. Suggestions?

    I have a NVR that was running BI 4 that I could not stop the RAM from climbing over 14GB on BI and crashing the system. I upgraded to BI 5 to see if that would fix the problem it did not. It takes roughly 2.5 hours for BI to kill my system. I am viewing the cameras locally on a TV. I have 24 Two...
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    BI Application Error - The application was unable to start correctly

    Could use some help with this. I installed the latest update from BI website and now BI wont start. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. Any other suggestions?
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    BI using up all 16GB of ram

    I have an I5-8400 with 16GB of ram running on Windows 10 x64. Have 24 - 2MP Dahua cams. When BI turns on it takes about 5 min and my memory usage on BI is 80% of the 16GB. The system becomes nearly unresponsive. I am using the recommended video card driver. I have Limit decoding unless required...
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    BI Not deleting stored files

    I have multiple BI installations that are not deleting old recordings. BI just records until my 8TB drive fills up. Any suggestions on why this is occurring? Using the latest version of BI on Windows 10. I have BI installed on an SSD and all recordings going to an 8TB hard drive.
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    NVR Solution for site with 12 - 8 Channel NVRs

    So I have a project I was looking at that will need 12 NVRs. All are on the same local network. I would like to have the ability from a dedicated PC to bring up all 12 NVRs and view the cameras without logging into each NVR individually. Purpose for multiple NVRs is that at each location the...
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    Missing Cycle option on web viewing

    Hello, I must have done something. I used to have an option under All Cameras that said cycle when viewing cameras from a browser. How do I get that back? Thanks
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    BI not deleting old files or moving over new recordings.

    I have a location that is not deleting old recordings. I have all new recordings recording to my SSD Windows 10 drive. They then move to my 8TB storage drive after 20GB of recordings on my SSD. They are moving to the 8TB drive but it does not delete the old ones so it fills up and then my SSD...
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    How does BI determine if you are local or not?

    I have two locations with BI. They have different public IP address but each havethe same local IP for the BI servers. I can connect to each location when local but not the 2nd location from either location. I suspect this is because BI thinks I am local when at each location to both locations...
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    BI App Help Doc

    Is there a PDF Help doc available for the Blue Iris app? Thanks
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    Autologin camera. Is this possible?

    I have a user that needs one Dahua camera to auto-login to the live view. Is this possible and be able to maintain the username and password that my NVR uses.
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    BI Not fully optimized for Windows 10 per Intel

    So Intel recommends finding a different program... Intel graphics drivers with Blue Iris |Intel Communities Thoughts?
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    Dual monitors for viewing - use on-board HDMIs or splitter?

    I have a BI NVR that has dual HDMI out. I am needing to display the GUI on a 32" screen and a 40" screen any reason I should not just use the two on-board HDMI instead of buying a HDMI splitter and splitting one of the HDMI outs? My concern with using the two on-board would be the resources...
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    Direct2Disk epic fail. Part of recording is missing why?

    So I have a 16 cameras setup with Direct 2 Disk. I'm have a clip that i am watching and then it stops and skips forward roughly 3 min. The blank spot happens to be where the lady steals a purse out of the car allegedly... Dropbox - Cam9.20171213_080235_1.mp4 I was under the impression that...
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    NTP Server not working for Dauha cameras

    So I setup NetTime, opened UDP port 123 on Windows firewall, and set each camera to use the NTP server. The address as you can see from image is my BI NVR address. What am i missing here? The cameras never update?
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    IPC-HDW4231EM-AS Firware. Which one to install?

    I have a bunch of these i bought from Andy. They are PAL version. Will either firmware work from Dahua site? IPC-HDW4231EM-AS | Dahua Technology - Dahua Technology
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    Can BI record continuously from 6am to 1am and on motion between 1-6

    How would I set this up in Blue Iris? I think I got this figured out. I setup each camera to Record Continuous with the Active Profile and Motion with my Profile called Closed. I then defined the hours of the profiles in BI Settings.
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    BI NTP Server not working for Dauha cameras

    So I setup NetTime, opened UDP port 123, and set each camera to use the NTP server. The address as you can see from image is my BI NVR address. What am i missing here? The cameras never update?
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    BI Clips folder has 50GB instead of 10GB Limit Size - RESOLVED

    Ok so I have a 10GB - 1 day limit on my clips folder. Files are then supposed to move from my OS SSD drive to my 8TB storage drive. However i now have 60GB in my C://BlueIris/New folder...
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    Is Intel Hardware Acceleration always on at the CPU level?

    So I realize in Blue Iris you can turn on Intel Hardware Acceleration. Is there anything to turn on in the bios to make it work? I have a new Intel I5-8400 and i have very high cpu usage with Intel hardware acceleration on and off inside Blue Iris. My cpu usage is the same either way.
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    Auto Startup Question Windows 10

    I read a lot of threads on auto startup. I followed this guide. Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums I have UAC set to Never notify I have created a Task in Task Scheduler. I can run that task and BI starts up. If I double click to run my shortcut...
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    8th Gen I7-8700 Intel Graphics 630 -100% CPU issue

    I saw that there was several other threads about memory leaks however none of them addressed the Intel 8th Gen CPU. I have a system setup with the following 24 - 2mb cameras 15FPS set both in BI and on each camera Using Direct to Disk Recording Continuously All recordings go to NEW folder on...
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    VPN connection Any way to bring up UI as if I was sitting at computer?

    When I VPN into my router I can type in the local IP address of the BI machine and see the normal web view. Is there somewhere I can go to get a view as if I was sitting in front of the machine? I would like to edit the settings of the server and cameras. Thanks
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    24 - 2mp 25FPS camera build

    Looking at using one of Intel's new i7s i7-8700 or i7-8700k, 16GB ram, 256GB OS SSD and 8TB storage. I will be hooking the cams to a Netgear GS728TP. Think this will run good? See anything I should change?
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    BI running 16 Cameras to VM or Not on Windows Server 2012 R2

    I have a Windows Server with the following Specs. I7-5820K 32GB Ram SSD OS Drive 8TB Hard drive space dedicated to BI. Server currently is just file server and runs Exchange inside a VM that has 16GB ram allocated to it. I am looking at hookup up 16 2MP Dahua cameras to the server. Should I...
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    Dahua Switches anyone?

    Anyone used any Dahua Switches? I never see them recommended... Reason I asked is they have some Hi-POE ones coming soon.
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    Any devide that can take 2 POE+ connections and output 1 Hi-POE?

    I have seen lots of mid span injectors that provide Hi-POE but have yet to find one that could use two POE+ connections and output one High POE. Anyone else?
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    What models have the ULTRA Starlight available?

    So many models flying around. Is there a current list of all with Ultra Starlight?