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    Improving Night Quality

    Good Morning everyone I have a HDW4321-AS-S4, which I use in the front of my property. I currently have it on forced colour mode - and have changed some settings on it from previous threads I have read, eg from @Kawboy12R shutter speed reccomendation However, there is still significant...
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    Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3549H-AS-PV

    Hi guys! I've just come across this camera a UK Distributer is selling, and wanted to hear any thoughts on it. I have attached the spec sheet below. Being a ‘Full Colour Camera’ wiz sense camear, does it run at night time with the LED on, or are you able to turn it off, and run it as a IR...
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    Camera next to PIR Floodlight

    Good Evening I have a Dahua 4231 IP Camera installed in close proximity to a PIR floodlight However, at night, the floodlight does not work - due to the IR heat given off by the camera at night. If I cover the IR from the camera, the floodlight works. What can be done about this so the...