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    IDMSS missing or not opening?

    Hi all, apologies for random dumb question, but what is the latest software/firmware version of my NVR model 4216-16p 4KS2. My NVR says the current version is 3.215.0000000.0 I’m finding the Dahua website a little confusing with the updates. Thanks
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    IDMSS missing or not opening?

    Phew!! Thanks all
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    IDMSS missing or not opening?

    Hi all. Yes, that was me who reported it on the other thread. Yesterday, out of nowhere and after a flawless 1year consistent operation of IDMSS plus on my iPhone, the app would immediately close after I opened it. I hadn’t done an iPhone update previous to this occurrence, nor was one required...
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    DAHUA NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V3.216.0000002.0.R.20181106

    Hi there. I had iDMSS plus on my iPhone and it’s been running flawlessly. Yesterday, the app consistently wouldn’t open correctly so I decided to reinstall the app. Now the App Store says that idmss plus is not available anymore. Has anyone else had this issue?