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  1. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    Great improvement! I run continually one instance UI3 on 32" monitor with the All cameras cycle and when i need to visualize my clips I use another UI3 instance on a a second monitor. Large bandwidth reduction with 2160P VBR vs 2160P. No more delay when I visualize my clips. Thanks bp2008 for...
  2. lgRich

    BI4 and BI5 on the same PC

    It is possible to install and run BI4 and BI5 on the same PC ? I want to buy a full BI5 license, and start it from scratch. During this time I want to keep BI4 alive and compare the result between the 2 versions…
  3. lgRich

    Need a camera that is intentionally noticeable? Check this out..

    Very impressing on paper, but in practice… it’s to do…
  4. lgRich

    Review-Dahua SD42212T-HN 2mp Starlight 12x PTZ

    I have a quote from Andy, I have buying another camera last year, shipping to Canada in 5 days...
  5. lgRich

    Review-Dahua SD42212T-HN 2mp Starlight 12x PTZ

    Question before buying this camera… It is working correctly out of the box (like switching from day to night) without the need to upgrade the firmware ? I am not a great fan about this…
  6. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    This work only in Jpeg HD, don’t work on higher quality !!! My config: Google Chrome Windows 7 64 bits UI3 version 75, Blue Iris version:
  7. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    How-to skip automatically to the next video at the end of video when you review the clips ?
  8. lgRich

    How-to access STORED clips remotely ?

    No STORED clips !!!
  9. lgRich

    How-to access STORED clips remotely ?

  10. lgRich

    Wind Direction

    Go to and you can get the wind direction and much more from anywhere around the world…
  11. lgRich

    UI3 ScreenSaver problem

    The screensaver don’t work with Chrome in Windows 10 but work with IE… Any solutions ?
  12. lgRich

    Blue Iris PC Lock Ups

    Also its important to check is the thermal paste between the CPU and the FAN is not dry. This often append after some year.
  13. lgRich

    Blue Iris PC Lock Ups

    This is my load with AMD FX-8350
  14. lgRich

    Blue Iris PC Lock Ups

    @dansarrosick, Take a look at my signature, BI run between 10% and 15%, so check your hardware and if everything is OK like @fenderman suggest you, do a clean install…
  15. lgRich

    Gigabit POE switch for cold weather?

    I have a DLINK DGS-1008P installed in my shed until many years without any problem. The temps here during the winter can go down to -40C.
  16. lgRich

    Overlay camera data onto Image?

    My camera setting... See Coordinates and Zoom
  17. lgRich

    time lapse

    This-is my settings for Time Lapse:
  18. lgRich

    Multiple detection zones?

    You can do that like this: 1) Duplicated the camera : (Add camera / Copy from another camera) 2) Configure one camera : (red area) like you want (Trigger / Motion sensor / Use Zone and hot spot) (Alert) 3) Configure the other camera : (yellow area) like you want (Trigger / Motion...
  19. lgRich

    4.7.8 - August 28, 2018 - Support for the Nvidia CUDA hardware decoding

    This last build give-me very good result on my hold AMD BI dedicated server… My CPU usage is 50% lower. See detail in my signature…
  20. lgRich

    feeding cat6 into 800' of conduit

    Thanks @trauts14 for your explanation, ePOE was new for me, I just read the info about this on the dahua site and now I understand… Eveready day I learn more with ipcamtalk
  21. lgRich

    feeding cat6 into 800' of conduit

    Just curious to know what is your goal with 800ft straight lenght of cat 6 when the maximum allowed length is 324ft ?
  22. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    What do you mean by ‘…allow the stream to become more delayed’ ? Witch setting ?
  23. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    How to disable this recursive message ? Thanks
  24. lgRich

    Split \ rotating camera images in BI...what did I do?

    Make sure the ceilling option is not selected....
  25. lgRich

    SD12203T-GN - Where to buy

    Hi, I need this camera but I can't find any reseller… We need shipping in Canada. Thanks lgRich
  26. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    Nice, problem solved… Thanks very much @bp2008 for your great work, UI3 is the greatest improvement for BI until many years.
  27. lgRich

    Blue Iris UI3

    Hi, Where is the option to see “Video Only” when I am not in full screen ? Thanks
  28. lgRich

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    Thanks @erkme73 to share this clip... Questions: Can you confirm the exact model number of this camera ? ( I suppose this-is the SD49225T-HN ) The spec for this model indicate Tilt:-15 ° and at the top of your clip I saw -20 ° !!! Thanks
  29. lgRich

    How to make one camera trigger cause another camera to go to preset

    Have you tried the solution I have proposed in POST #3... This work very well into BI. Unzip the file BiCommand1.1 into your root.
  30. lgRich

    How to make one camera trigger cause another camera to go to preset

    Take a look at this tread: