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  1. lgRich

    BI4 and BI5 on the same PC

    It is possible to install and run BI4 and BI5 on the same PC ? I want to buy a full BI5 license, and start it from scratch. During this time I want to keep BI4 alive and compare the result between the 2 versions…
  2. lgRich

    How-to access STORED clips remotely ?

  3. lgRich

    UI3 ScreenSaver problem

    The screensaver don’t work with Chrome in Windows 10 but work with IE… Any solutions ?
  4. lgRich

    SD12203T-GN - Where to buy

    Hi, I need this camera but I can't find any reseller… We need shipping in Canada. Thanks lgRich
  5. lgRich

    Web Service 3.0 - Problem with Windows 10 Pro -

    Unable to access the web interface via Windows 10 Pro for my 2 Dahua DH-SD3282D-GN. Tried with IE11, Wedge and Chrome (compatibly Windows Vista)... No problem with my 2 Hickvision Swann. Any ideas ? Thanks
  6. lgRich

    DS-2CD2032 vs IPC-HFW4431R-Z (night without IR)

    I need to replace one DS-2CD2032 I have good lighting and I have very good result at night with the DS-2CD2032 (I never use the IR at night). After reading many tread my choice will be the IPC-HFW4431R-Z because the varifocal will be a plus for fine tuning my vue. Can expect to have the...
  7. lgRich

    IMPORX (Yc-hd5mp73 MINI 2.0 Mp CCTV caméra IP 1080 P 20 X)

    Hi, I am looking for a mini dome 20X PTZ camera and this one fit into my budget ($353.00 CAD / $270.00 USD free shipping): If someone here are trying this model? Or, what-is your recommendation for equivalent model based on your own test?
  8. lgRich

    Dahua replacement parts (Dome)?

    Hi, I need to replace the plastic dome for my Dahua SD3282DN. I know this model is discontinued but Dahua have a lot of new cam with the same dimension (mini dome). Where to buy-it? Thanks…
  9. lgRich

    BI "Send an SMS text message" Problem!

    My setting = quality 50% and scale 50% Here is the exact message I receive with my iPhone6: ______________________ (Blue iris alert) Motion detected on camera xxxx A MIME attachement of type <image/jpeg> was removed here by a drop-attachements- by-f _______________________ Any idea? Thanks
  10. lgRich

    Issue with Clips with Android and BI 3.66

    On a new cel phone of my friend, I installed the BI Android application and everything work fine except this issue with Clip: We can see all the Clips into the list but they don’t play back. Strangely everything work fine with my iPhone when I connect on his Server. Any Idea Thanks
  11. lgRich

    Solution to play Sound an alarm on remote computer...

    Hi, My BI server is outside my house in the shed and I have tried different solution (batch file) to play Sound an alarm on remote computer inside my house but without success. In meantime I found this small software and they do the job very well and it cost just $9.99...