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    Backup options?

    Okay, so I am looking to have a backup plan should someone break into my home and they steal my NVR or smash my cameras. I thought about doing cloud storage but I've seen a couple posts where people advise against this. I thought about building my own server, but the idea of dropping $3k+ on a...
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    Trying to locate IP cameras

    Okay, I am in over my head and hoping someone can help me start treading water again heh... Any chance of getting a conversation started with someone that can give me a few step by step instructions to get me started? I am trying to get everything working without the NVR since the one I got...
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    Howdy from Tulsa

    Hey y'all, So my wife and I have been looking at getting a surveillance system at our house, and after researching many of the big box store kits *ie: wasted a lot of time* I ended up here. Here's what I am looking to start with and a few questions that I have about them.... NVR: Dahua NVR...