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  1. DirkJensen

    IPC-HFW71242H-Z - when will it be aviable?

    Hi Andy, can you say something about the new WizMind 7 Series Camera IPC-HFW71242H-Z I need informations about aviability and price. Thank you ;)
  2. DirkJensen

    free ACAP Plugins for your Axis Camera

    Hi everybody, i wanted to share a very nice site where you can get free ACAP plugins for your Axis camera. ACAP Share I know this site since a long time, and never had the thought to share it here, how stupid i was ... so now i do ;) Most of all i use the ACAP Daybreakme. With this nice...
  3. DirkJensen

    Dahua IPC-HF8835FP - 4K 8MP 4/3 Sensor - MFT - IP Camera - NEW New in original packaging without lens !!! send from germany via DHL and tracking + insurance Private sale: no return, no guarantee
  4. DirkJensen

    Dahua IPC-HFW8835F - 4/3 MFT Sensor - 4K - 8 MP - Sample Clip

    Sample Clip of Dahua IPC-HFW8835F - 4/3 MFT Sensor 8 MP Lens: Samyang F2.0/12mm Aperture: 5.8 Daytime, no sun
  5. DirkJensen

    Axis Q1798-LE Sample - 4/3 MFT Sensor - 4K - 10 MP - Sample Clip

    Hi, here is a short Livestream sample of the new Axis Q1798-LE MFT Camera at daytime with sunlight from the front. Firmware Version 10.0.2 Streamsettings: Resolution 3840x2160 Frame rate 25 fps Compression 20 Zipstream off P-Frames 50 Compression Profile high Bit rate 16,000 kbit / s...
  6. DirkJensen

    IPC-HFW4833F-ZAS - Problems after Firmware Update

    Hi everybody, i have a IPC-HFW4833F-ZAS. This model only has chinese FW version by now. No problem at all, but after updating to the newest chinese FW version V2.800.0000000.5.R, Build Date: 2020-01-07 from the...
  7. DirkJensen

    latest Version of DAHUA HTTP API FOR IPC Documentation ??

    Hi everybody, is there any newer Version of the "DAHUA HTTP API FOR IPC" aviable? The latest Documentation i know is Version 1.67 from the 16.09.2015.
  8. DirkJensen

    Image Overlay - Dahua Cam IPC-HFW81230E-Z

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to have other dimensions or formats of the image file that is uploaded into the camera for the image overlay? the 128x128 pixels with max. 16 KByte Size and a 256 color bmp format is so incredible poor ... the other question is, if it is possible to...
  9. DirkJensen

    Avigilon 4K - 8L-H4PRO-B // Still Image URL

    Hi, does any one know how i can get a still image snapshot in full resolution (4K) from the Avigilon 4K - 8L-H4PRO-B in the documentation of this cam i can only find the follwing URL that only delivers a resolution of 896x504 pixels has...
  10. DirkJensen

    Text Overlay and Image Overlay

    Hi, i am wondering if i can control the Dahua Image and Text Overlay with a http Request. And if i can do together. Does anyone have experience how to set the Overlay Image and Overlay Text with a http Request. I could find this Thread to change the Text Overlay with a Request. ->>...
  11. DirkJensen

    Hello to everyone from the North of Germany

    several days ago i found this site, that already gave me a lot of tips and information, great !! finally a forum to find good stuff :) my name is Dirk Jensen and i life in bredstedt in the very north of germany near the border to denmark. since 2008 i go on developing my website and updating...