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  1. costib

    New user cannot create account

    Hello, A colleague tries to make a new ipcamtalk forum/store account in order to buy a new Blue Iris license, but have some problems. He receive this error: @Mike @fenderman can you please help with this problem? Thanks, Costi B.
  2. costib

    Blue Iris major update release cycle

    I've tested Blue Iris in evaluation mode until now and I'm thinking to purchase one license. I know there should be around 3 years cycle period for a major release. Does someone knows when was the last major release or when will probably be the next one? If I buy today how close am I going to...
  3. costib

    "Student" presenting new project, examination required.

    After countless nights of reading and taking notes, walking around the house measuring, calculating angles & distances, focal lengths & ppm, bandwidth & redesign of current network, wiring paths and decision for another PC in my lab(for BI) and many other things I can't remember now, I'd like...
  4. costib

    How to change the HDW5231R-ZE’s focal length via Blue Iris?

    I'm currently testing HDW5231R-ZE with Blue Iris. Is there a possibility to trigger/change the camera's Focal Length via Blue Iris during different Profiles? Let's say during the day keep it zoomed out at 2.7mm and during night zoom in at 6mm. PS: Oh boy, there is a lot of work to determine the...
  5. costib

    Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-IW bad focus

    Hello, Just bought 2 pieces for indoor location, made the same setup & parameters & connection method for both of them and noticed the bad focus for one camera. Next day returned to seller and exchanged the problematic one, restart testing and same result. Conclusion - from three camera only...
  6. costib

    HDW5231R-ZE wall mount with PFA122

    This is my first post, so first thing first I have to say - Hello ipcamtalk, you've created a great community in here and the information is great! After few weeks of reading and taking notes, as recommended I'll pick up one HDW5231R-ZE as a test camera from Andy and start playing with it before...