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  1. djernie

    A good amazon delivery!

    Today's driver did a good job of putting the packages inside the gate. Some drivers leave them outside the gate asking for the packages to be taken.
  2. djernie

    Spay and neuter your pets please.

    If everyone would get their pets spayed and neutered they would not break out and roam these streets all night.
  3. djernie

    You can't cat -ch me.

    The happy cat returns, only to find out he is in the grey cats territory!
  4. djernie

    A distracted driver hits the rear of my vehicle.

    A driver hit the rear of my car today. He was nice about it and apologized, but now i have to take it so his insurance can give estimate and get it to a shop for repair. Front camera Rear camera
  5. djernie

    Dangerous ATV and Motor cycle riders!

    These kids are going to get hurt or killed. At night no helmets and some don't have rear lights. All i can do is pray. They were on the wrong side of the road heading straight towards my car!
  6. djernie

    Amazon driver!

    This driver is willing to lose his packages. See his violations as he drives by.
  7. djernie

    OMG i found a video of my old security cameras.

    This idiot was trying to break into cars on my street. By the time he reached my house some one had already called the police. He actually lived on my street at his grandmother's house. He is in jail now the last i heard. The video was with Qsee dvr and night owl cameras. It was bad quality, but...
  8. djernie

    Did cameras stop him?

    Did this guy see my cameras and change his mind?
  9. djernie

    Hunter Heron dinner.

    Tonight i am not sure what Hunter ate when he stopped by. But i was glad to see him or her anyway.
  10. djernie

    2 workers collecting their coins.

    This morning i saw two workers going through the neighborhood collecting coins in two different ways.
  11. djernie

    21 Hilarious Moments Caught On Security Cameras

    I cried on a few of these. Which one made you cry?
  12. djernie

    Bad weather and bad drivers!

    Drivers behaving bad on my 2 hour drive today.
  13. djernie

    Which Style/Type of Security Camera Should I Buy?

    Good information on type of cameras.
  14. djernie

    Which Security Camera Lens Size Should I Buy?

    Good video for newbies.
  15. djernie

    Hunter Heron protects territory.

    Hunter Heron always hunts at my house, but last night i thought it was him but then another Heron comes along and runs the first one away. So that means Hunter Heron was the second Heron not the first one. SMH
  16. djernie

    Kitten comes to play or hunt?

    I don't have cats so i don't know their behavior. It's the first time i have seen this cat around here. Looks like he is having the time of his life.
  17. djernie

    Sparks fly! Dangerous driver.

    Another speeder on my street who is going to kill someone! Appears to be a 2016 chevrolet malibu.
  18. djernie

    Drive by eviction!

    Today she had to chase him down to throw him out. All i can do is pray. Thank god there was no car accident.
  19. djernie

    Rocky squirrel takes on 2 hawks!

    Hunter Hawk is back with his girlfriend, they had no idea who they were after.
  20. djernie

    Back by popular demand, ladies and smelly men here he is, 2 Legs!

    I have not seen 2 legs in a while, so I want to thank him for bringing a smile to my morning, enjoy!
  21. djernie

    No lights suspicious vehicle!

    This appears to be a Nissan Altima, suspiciously driving by this morning. Police have been notified, just in case a neighbor has reported any theft or vandalism.
  22. djernie

    Dog runs for it's life!

    Dogs says not today I am out of here!
  23. djernie

    Pant's not sagging!

    Finally a young man who does not where his pant's sagging off his butt!
  24. djernie

    Hawk drinks and bathes in my pond filter!

    Hunter Hawk drinks and bathes in my pond filter. So i made a home made flower pot bird bath for him. Well i guess he didn't like it, so he went right back to the pond filter. So i moved the new bath next to the pond filter, so let's see if he will use it when he comes back to drink and bathe. I...
  25. djernie

    Dumping Why?

    I captured these guys dumping trash at my neighbors house. But why, it's heavy trash pick up and every home can place their own trash at the curb. SMH
  26. djernie

    Speeder is going to kill someone!

    This idiot is going to kill someone speeding through the neighborhood. The car - 2 door Mercedes slk 230 kompressor, grey with no license plate. I have reported this incident to the police.
  27. djernie

    UFO, Ghost or Bug

    Don't be afraid, I see these things on my cameras all the time. They are always bugs of some type.
  28. djernie

    Dog climbs tree!

    My neighbors have a little dog that climbed my tree last night. Some dogs like to chase balls, some like to climb trees i guess. There were no squirrels or anything he was just excited to climb as you can see. Enjoy!
  29. djernie

    Hunter Heron gets snake!

    Another successful hunt in my yard, enjoy!
  30. djernie

    What does my dog do when he gets out?

    Most of them go visit their friends they have made while roaming and they roam around the neighborhood. Marking the areas they travel and eating what ever they find. It's not always safe for them because some do not make it back home.