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    Next-door child 10 seconds from getting run over by other neighbor

    Thought I share this. Neighbor driving way too fast and possibly distracted. Then driving into my next-door neighbors’ car, What the old saying, familiarity leads to compliancy. Remember reading something about most wrecks occur within a couple of miles from your home. Needless to say, my...
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    Building a B.I, dedicated Intel i-9 system.

    I’m writing seeking advice from this excellent forum. First of all, thank you for being so helping set up my IP security system. Also, for draining my bank account (#32 cameras, and still growing). As mentioned, yes, I have 32 cameras. This caused my present system to bog down. My rate now...
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    Mounting cameras on a satellite stand,

    Thought I share my last project. Might be an idea for someone else. After my last undertaking of updating my security system, found myself with a couple of extra cameras. Thinking how to use my surplus cameras. Reflected about adding some extra coverage for the back of my house. Behind the...
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    Fat bear causing trouble in the neighborhood

    Thought I share this. Having bear problems in the neighborhood. Please be advised, my neighborhood very dark. No streetlights, just porch lites. Still my Dahua's come thru (The second camera is a PTZ that I've been working on. It dropping frames. Think my system is being maxed out...
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    Unable to draw rule for intrusion/trip wire for IVS

    Wondering if anybody might be of some help. Bought a PTZ dahua camera. Tiring to set up the IVS triggers. I'm unable to draw any draw any rule lines for triggering intrusion, or trip wires. Searching the post, it seem like a browser issue. I've tried IE explore, but it allway reverts me...
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    Alarm/home security suggestions?

    OK, I’ve gone way overboard on my IP security camera system. Have up 23 cameras, set up a dedicated super-duper Blue Iris system, back up with a DVR. Now I’m wondering about getting a home alarm/security system. My work takes me away from my home at weeks at a time. Just wondering what some...
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    How to program B.I. to overwrite clip and archiving?

    Been working with Blue Iris for about 7 months. One of the things I’m having trouble with is: How do you have BI the over write on the Hard Drive. I’ve reviewed the tutorial, but still have not learned how to overwrite the old recordings. I’m constantly tinkering with the program. Usually...
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    124 Wheels Stolen Off Cars at Louisiana Dealership, crappy video

    124 Wheels Stolen Off Cars at Louisiana Dealership in One Night here is the video I’m sure you heard about this. What a crappy security system. You think in these times, he would know better.
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    LED motion spotlight for the driveway

    Thought I share my latest project, hope it might assist with some others members My most recent addition to my security system was a pair of IPC-HFW4239t-ASE 2MP cameras. These cameras were set up to monitor my two vehicles parked in the driveway. This was my third HFW4239t-ASE 2MP. With the...
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    IPcam Addict

    My name is DRZmaui, I’m an IP addict. After filling up all the slots on my second switch, running out of 1000 feet of Cat5e cable, and being on a first name basis with Andy at Empire Tech, I admit, I got a problem. Just installed my 19th camera. In the shooting communities, it’s said once...
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    Camera set up for capturing images of drivers inside their vehicles?

    I’m wondering if anybody has ever set up a camera dedicated to capture images of drivers inside their cars. After setting up 16 cameras for my house, including 2 dedicated LPR’s, I’m playing with the idea of trying to set up a camera dedicated to capturing images of the drivers. Only reason...
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    an example of how a IP camera is worth the investment (personal experience)

    Thought I share this. It’s a post from our neighborhoods Facebook page. Think it’s a great example how a good security camera system is invaluable tool. It does not contain any video clips, just some snapshots from the video. My next-door neighbor sent me text a couple of days ago. Asking...
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    network (brodcast) storm crashing my network, suggestions?

    Not sure if this would be the best place to post. Here it goes, Seeking advice for resolving an issue with my network. Had searched Wiki, no luck. Will utilize SBAR format to share my problem, Subject: Switch/network crashing after about 3 weeks. All channel showing lost connection (both...
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    Need to switch my switch, recommendations?

    Think my switch is dying. So far its has gone dark (showing no connection to my DVR and/or computer) three time in the last week. I have 15 cameras going in (8 4k and 6 2k cameras) and 2 gigabit lines gong out. Maybe this was too much for this system. Granted, I cheap out buying this unit...
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    Aloha from Reno Nevada

    Got a few minutes, thought I take the time and introduce myself. Living in Reno Nevada, transplanted from Hawaii a few years ago. Love the Mountains! My history, Had a few weird things happen in the neighborhood. Couple of strangers driving thru, a few car break-ins and door checkers...
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    Bad experience with Aliexpress

    I’m writing to share my experience with AliExpress. Have bought with Andy from before on Amazon. Top notch service. Decided I like to try and buy from his Asian site unfortunately, thinking he was AliExpress, I ordered 2 cameras. Seem both of them have been lost, or my guess, never sent...
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    HDW5231R-ZE rebooting at weird times, time and color not returning back

    Problem My HDW5231R-ZE seems to keep rebooting at weird times (also my other Dehua cameras). With rebooting, it’s messing up the camera time and schedule. In addition, the color does not come on to the ‘Day’ schedule. This camera is set up as an LPR, with each reboot, times are messed up...
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    Hit and run, caught with my new system

    Newby here. Just thought I share this, Been setting up my new surveillance system. On the first week of setting up the first of my camera’s, I read on our neighborhood Facebook page, somebody suffered a hit and run. Checking my camera, found this: It shows the newspaper delivery man...
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    Wireless Network bridge suggestions.

    Does anybody have a idea for a wireless bridge from network switch to to my computer. My old wireless router seems to be doing it, but it’s old. Don’t think it’s up to 12 4k cameras. Bought a dual band wireless router. I can’t seem to access the router thru it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Another Intel Gen 8 CPU question

    Newbie here, so please be nice. Will use the SBAR format for my question: Subjective: Intel Gen 8 CPU overworked with 8th 4K camera. Background After buying a Lorex 4K security system. Bought 2 additional 4k cameras. Realized the system was not enough. Decided to upgrade. Went to Costco...
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    System for license plate reading

    I’m writing you for some ideas on setting up a system to read license plates. Recently, I purchased a Lorex security camera system from Costco. It came with 6 cameras. After installing them, I added 2 more additional cameras. Presently all of my ports are taken, and unable to expand any...