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    No recordings after 20191231?

    As topic say, i noticed that i have no recording after 2019/12/31 and when i check in the setting i i see that my harddrive is totaly full, even says -30gb. So when i go to settings to look at Clips an archiving, it is like i always had it, men i cannot even click on another tab and i get the...
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    Slow connection?

    Is there anybody else that notice that the the app, both Android and ios is very slow to show the cameras and clips after connecting. On version 4 it showed up directly, and was superfast. After upgrading to version 5 it is much slower, when clicking on a clip, it is a black screen up to 10...
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    Thermal cams?

    Is anyone running some thermal cams in these BI system? Just curious to see how the clips and picture look. Skickat från min SM-G950F via Tapatalk
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    Sricam resolution?

    Hello! i bought a Sricam cam from Wish, and it was no problem to get it to work in Bi. but o hav noticed that it has been low resolution in both the Sricam app and Bi. so today i checked the settings in the Sricam app, an saw that i could change from SD to HD quality. So in the app i got a...
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    Change name on camera and see old recordings?

    As topic is. How do i change name on camera and still see the old recordings in BI. Now when i change the name, it becomes empty in the recordings, probably because when i change the name it doesnt have any recordings with that name on. any suggestion? or is it any option to hide the...
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    Gets Admin view on apps?

    i Run a server at home, and have 18 cameras on it, 3 from my fathers house and 4 from my cousine. and they all have only access to their own cameras, or the ones i specified that they should see. suddenly all users that connect trough the app have admin view, all users see all cameras. but...
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    admin trough BI app?

    what has happen to my server, every user that uses the BI app gets admin view, they can see all camera groups even when they maybe should have only access to 1 or 2 cameras. When i test all users in web login, it works fine, but in the app everybody see everything not god security, this is...
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    cant see old recordings?

    have the latest version of the app, and i cant see recordings that is a couple of days old, i can just see todays recordings. on the Ipad/IOS i can see all recordings that has been saved any suggestions?
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    Losing signal to Bi

    I have a camera that is losing signal to Bi in about every 2 dags. My solving to the problem is login to The camera and update the password to the same again,then it works for about 2 dags again. Anyone heard of that? This is the cam 1280*720P 1.0MP ONVIF Waterproof Outdoor IR CUT Night Vision...
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    Poe Switch GS1900-8HP

    I just bought a GS1900-8HP switch and connected cameras to it, first i connected 2 of these and after that 2 of these...
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    trouble to add camera.

    Hello, i am trying to add this camera in my blue iris. But i cant connect to it, anyone knowing the settings? in ipcamviewer on my phone i just add Generic url/Generic...
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    hikvision 2132 Port problem

    Hello! Having problem connecting from outside. HTTP-port 80 RTSP-port 554 HTTPS-port 443 Serverport 8095 When i connect through SADP i get connected to port 80, i want to connect to port 8095 which is the one i have forwarded in the router. i can not even connect...
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    Wanscam hw0022 resolution problem.

    Hello, i have a wanscam hw0022 that has max res. 1280*720 But when look trough chrome webui i can only get 640*480, but in explorer i get 1280*720. But my problem is that i only get the low resolution when i connect from other programs like ipcamviewer on android, and surveillancestation on...