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  1. Killer Kool

    So Hidden camera clips now shown in the "clips" side window?!!!? Update

    Recently I have 3 "hidden cameras" showing the recorded clips on the left side... They never used to be shown ?!! what happened?
  2. Killer Kool

    Cake and eat it too

    Hello , I am using Blue Iris on several several cameras.. Currently running teamviewer for remote access. I would like to view the blue Iris live video to my tv screens at the house. What do you think would be the best way to do so? ...I hear a noise ......I push button on remotes and I...
  3. Killer Kool

    I broke BI !!?! camera stop working

    Hello , I am moving my post from hardware to Blue iris- Its I believe an BI issue. Original camera was a dbpower c754....Camera has been working fine for several months. Camera video stoped.. I can login into IE and view camera fine but BI it does not have video!!..when I do find/inspect...
  4. Killer Kool

    DBPower c754

    Hello, DBpower c754 That has been operational for 6 months and it Dropped off BIue IRIS... I can login and see video via web gui fine....Did windows 10 or BI change? Opening port 80... HTTP Get / request... OK ONVIF GetSystemDateAndTime 2017-05-29T22:22:42.000Z Requesting device...
  5. Killer Kool

    Weird video issue

    Hello all, This one has me confused!......So this morning the Video looks like this... But if I login into the camera directly - I get good picture!?!! If I would do A camera reset in BI....It goes all blurry lines for at least 5 minutes before you see the above pict. What you all...
  6. Killer Kool

    Yes Using AMD APU

    Hello all, My current PC specs... Amd A8-5600K APU with Ratdeon HD 3.60ghz 24gb of ram windows 10 pro. Running 13 IP cameras on BI.....3 Camera hardwired Other 10 are wireless average frame rate 20fps..... My Cpu after installing the 13th Ip Cam now is slamming 100%cpu usage... I am...
  7. Killer Kool

    Did I exceed my wireless router?

    Hello, i am currently running BI..great program. I current have 5 wireless Ip cameras connected. They were very stable. I also have 3 hardwired cams. I went to add a 6th Camera and my wireless network having issues.... The sixth camera has been dropping out and the original 5 camera are...
  8. Killer Kool

    Camera Clone ID PLEASE Univivi U611w

    Hello , I currently have a Univivi U611W Megapixel HD 1280 x 720P H.264 Home Security Surveillance Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera,WiFi spy camera,Wide Viewing Angle, Night Vision 30ft with IR-Cut support Andriod and iOS (white) The night vision is a total white out. The software has a place to...