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    Alert with pre-trigger

    I've got my system running continuous recording, with a 10 second pre-trigger buffer. Alerts sending 10 second video to email. Great except what 10 seconds of video is sent? It appears it sends 10 seconds from the alert on. I'd prefer to see the pre-trigger through the alert. Anyway to do this?
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    Ho ho oh no

    It's that time of year. Snow is coming down and I just got my 2nd camera up.. recording continuously, but alerts just raining in as the snow is detected as motion. Yuck. My recording is 5fps, so the snow has long "trails". Do I set contrast and object size high? I want alerts for humans. I...
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    Cable gland or alternative for PFA130-E

    I've got a few installs about to go up. All but 1 will be tucked away underneath trim, siding, etc. These runs will then enter the PFA130-E through one of the tapped conduit holes. I'd like to reduce this and ordered a cheap set of glands off Amazon. Turns out I don't think they'll fit. I saw...
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    Always-on VPN Android with DDNS

    I know there are some gurus out there. I'm doing this the right way-ish. USG setup for VPN DuckDNS setup for dynamic IP DNS resolve Android pointing to DuckDNS URL Android can't do "always-on" VPN with a name, it needs a numeric entry :( There must be a client that supports this, I get why...
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    Beat a protect setup

    Ok, somewhat of a newb here and I've done some fair amount of searching but I'm trying to beat a protect setup for high WAF. If I gave into the ecosystem and sacrificed on camera quality, I know, I know.. the WAF would be high as there are dedicated apps with "secure" channels into the Unifi...
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    Outdoor/Indoor cable junction

    I have a vinyl sided house and plan to hide my runs behind the siding. I want to run outdoor pure copper cat 6, but no this cable shouldn't be run indoors. My thought for a few runs was to run through spots in my basement which will be finished off in the next few months. Do people typically run...
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    Newb.. planning

    I've been doing some reading and i'm slowing planning my build. I think a HDBW4231F-AS will do for the front porch and the basement door. I want to monitor my back yard where we have a pool. Thinking another 4231 can handle detect purposes. This leaves my driveway open. Camera below the eaves...