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    B5422E-Z4E / HFW5422E-Z4E specification

    Needing a 4MP camera with a long lens and the best possible low illuminance performance, I bought a B5422E-Z4E from Andy. It's an excellent camera. I am confused by the minimum illuminance specification - Andy's web site states 0.0006 lux. I now see that Dahua has published two...
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    Blue Iris does not find my new B5442E-Z4E

    Having entered the correct IP address for my new B5442E-Z4E from Andy (Dahua HFW5442E-Z4E), although I can get video using Dahua RTSP, BI does not recognise this camera (suggests foscam) and so, for example, does not correctly read the sub stream (unlike all my other Dahuas). Nor is it in the...
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    Benefit of a dome cameras instead of a turrets or bullets

    After several years, I am going to add a couple more cameras to my system at home (currently a mixture of 11 x Dahuas) and am researching my preferred choice. Most forum members appear to favour turrets. However, my bullets and turrets are plagued by cobwebs, even soon after climbing the...
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    Latest BI update 15 October 2019

    I'm not clever enough to understand...
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    Video not working with recent V5 updates for a Dahua PTZ

    Maybe something over one week ago I updated to V5. All was well. A few days ago I updated BI and noticed that my Dahua SD22204T-GN close to where I had just been pruning roses had stopped showing video. I assumed I'd accidentally snipped the cable. I have now discovered that this camera was...
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    iPhone X has stopped connecting to BI via 4G

    ”unable to make connection; check server address”. System has latest BI version but don’t know if that’s the reason. No joy using either the IP or no-ip ddns. Still works fine to another BI system that has not been updated for a long time. Strangely, BI still works fine over 4G using the iPad...
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    Geofencing - assistance requested - schedule presets

    I am trying to use geofencing to stop alerts being triggered in the daytime when I am at home. I want to keep alert triggers in the daytime when I am not at home and overnight when I am both home and away. To do this I am using only the global schedule that then facilitates preset schedules...
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    Blue Iris reverted to demo following Windows update

    BI demo window has come up when starting after a Windows 10 update with 0 days left and does not accept my license code. Does anyone have a solution please?
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    iPhone/iPad remote access problem

    For months I have been unable to use the BI app over the Internet to my BI installation at home using 4G. It connects to the home page and the cameras button to see the list of cameras. I can then select one individual camera and the time counts. but after that nothing else - the beach ball...
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    Unable to export from PSS

    I have files previously downloaded from a Dahua SD49225 in .dav format. When I open them in PSS V2.02.0, they play perfectly. However, I am unable to export these files using PSS because the icon inbetween 'export progress' and 'open file' is 'backup' instead of 'export setup'. Does anybody...
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    Exported footage stuck on first frame

    I record continuously and have exported some clips from BI (MP4) but when I try to play them using VLC media player, the progress bar advances normally but the video image is stuck on the first frame. It worked fine two or three weeks ago with no changes to VLC in the meantime. But I have...
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    H.265+ playback problem using direct-to-disc - best alternative

    Didn't find a post that quite nails my query. I started another BI system, just now for 6 cameras. When re-encoding in BI, the hard drive space is gobbled and CPU load is 53%. With these cameras I don't need alerts + rectangles and so it dropped to 28% with direct to disc (mixture of 5 & 8fps...
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    Optical performance comparison SD49225T-HN vs SD59225U-HNI

    Has anyone been able to compare these two PTZs? Clearly the 49225 hardware will be less capable, for example the 49225 doesn't support 1080p in stream 2, but I use BI and don't need autotracking etc. The key parameter for me that appears to be different is the S/N ratio - 50dB for the 49225...
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    Blue Iris mobile phone app compatibility

    I will soon make a group of cameras available to others. I think the app may be optimised for the iPhone/iPad, how well does it work on other mobiles? Is there one on which it performs particularly poorly?
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    Better understanding needed of 'wait until triggered at least x times in y s'

    I'm a long standing user of BI but have always suffered with too many false motion alerts. Extending the minimum duration, masking, cancel shadows, using IR away from the camera lens etc helps but is only partially effective. And now with more than 20 cameras I'm having another go to reduce...
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    Dahua Web plugin has stopped working in Firefox

    Firefox has just updated to v52 with better security. Now it complains about insecure passwords but the big problem is it asks for the plugin to be reinstalled but ignores having done it. So no video. IE is unusable on my PC - the video window doesn't fit (previous post). For playback from SD...
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    IVS nearly fabulous.....

    IVS has eliminated all the false triggers from the internal IR caused by rain, snow, insects etc. Have external IR on order that maybe I don't need now. But, why does it work perfectly overnight capturing the rabbits and foxes but not the car? See pictures. I also had standard motion...
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    Swish new 1920x1080 PC resolution a problem

    I have bought around 30 Dahua IP cameras over the last three years but now when I log into a camera to refine settings with my new laptop (Windows 10 / Internet Explorer), the video window is too big and masks the control buttons etc. To get round this problem just now, I have to either reduce...
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    Active X control option for Windows 10

    I upgraded my PC to MS Windows 10 and although I am still able to access the setup screens for my IP cameras (20 x Dahua), I have discovered that Windows 10 no longer supports active x and so can no longer view live video. Solutions please?