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  1. Taigar

    Hardware Acceleration question(s) / issues

    I have a Dell Optiplex 7020, i7-4790 CPU @3.60GHz When I enable HA, the camera's go to 'no signal'. Also double checked if I have H.264, and it is. Different brands, all the same result. HD Graphics 4600, driver Also tried, same result... Upgraded bios to newest...
  2. Taigar

    Sorry, the file could not be found. BI5 x64

    Hello, Running Blue Iris x64 on a Windows 10 dedicated machine. I get a lot of recordings of 00 seconds, and when I click to play I get the following notification: I get these recordings on both camera's, so maybe it is a config problem. This is one camera config: I...
  3. Taigar

    Blue Iris UI3

    I have another question about the UI3. I tried searching for it, but didn't found an answer. I have a group of 4 camera's. They are all 1920 x 1080. I set the group frame size also to 1920 x 1080. Now when I open UI3, and select the group. I get the following: This is because the quality is...
  4. Taigar

    Blue Iris UI3

    Thanks, that was the problem. I tried another group, and Chrome kept changing the URL to the wrong capitalization.
  5. Taigar

    Blue Iris UI3

    Hello, Don't know if this is the right thread to post, but I discovered a problem with UI3 URL parameters and auto cycle. When using a groupname with a capital letter somewhere in the middle (for example: 'OutsideCameras'), the URL parameters don't work. I am talking about the...
  6. Taigar

    Web Server CORS support

    Any updates on this issue? I am trying to cast Blue Iris to a chromecast using Home Assistant. MJPEG works, but times out after 20 minutes. (this is because the chromecast thinks it is 'paused')
  7. Taigar

    Blue Iris and Google home hub

    I also have the mjpeg from Home Assistant to chromecast working. But after 20 minutes, the chromecast stops showing the mjpeg. This is due to the chromecast timeout, because the state of the chromecast is 'paused' during the mjpeg viewing. Do you have any ideas/suggestions in how to improve...