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    Live view failed when accessing IP cameras from Chrome Linux, NVR live view works.

    Normally you should use NVR for live view/playback and all the basic settings (motion detection, event settings, recording setup, etc). Virtual server option (i.e. accessing the camera web page) is intended only for a camera settings which are "hidden" for the NVR itself. Such settings are the...
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    hikvision no more camera is allowed

    No, firmware upgrade normally keeps the settings. Hard to say what's the safest way - either browser (IE) or iVMS4200. Most often I use browser.
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    hikvision no more camera is allowed

    Yes, this model supports max 2 IP cameras. Nevertheless, using the latest firmware V3.4.89 build 180906(For HGHI-F) it's possible to disable analog channel, and replace it with IP channel (for example 15 analog + 3 IP cameras).
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    Hikvision DS-7616-NI cannot find downloaded files

    Yes, that's true. But my assumption was IE is used only for accessing the cameras (just like I'm using it). Who uses nowadays IE for daily browsing... Even Microsoft hid it deep in the Win 10 menu, and claimed Edge as a main browser. According to a global researches IE takes only about 2% from...
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    Hikvision DS-7616-NI cannot find downloaded files

    If you use Internet Explorer, uncheck the option: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Enable protected mode. Then reboot the browser.
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    Hikvision motion or event recording, separated!!

    Probably it's a firmware issue. What is the model number and the firmware version?
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    Hikvision motion or event recording, separated!!

    I'm not sure if the latest USA firmware has something different, but in general Hikvision works like this: - when accessing the local interface with monitor and mouse you can choose between different schedule modes like: motion only, alarm, motion or alarm, motion and alarm or event. In your...
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    can I connect many DVRs to main NVR?

    Nothing special. Just add the same way as you add IP camera. Then you will be prompted to add all the channels or select some channels from the DVR. Make sure also ports 554 are accessible from the NVR side (in case the DVRs are behind firewall/router). P.S. Sorry, I didn't see you're talking...
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    DS-7604NI-SE/P Firmware

    Try first to reset it to default settings, then upgrade to version 2.3.4 from the link above. If that's OK, you can go to the latest version.
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    4k camera max view at one time

    I'm not sure I do understand your question well (my English is not so perfect). It sounds for me you ask a question, then you give an answer itself. In my opinion 4K cameras also is a waste of money which gives not enough benefits compared to a FullHD lowlight cameras. As for the NVR (I don't...
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    4k camera max view at one time

    You have to turn off automatic switching to sub stream when vieweing more than 4 cameras: Tool -> System configuration -> Image ->Auto change stream type->Off. And then cross fingers your laptop could bear the load of decoding 5 main streams on high resolution.
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    Two Analog Cameras to Onvif?

    The easiest and chiepest way is simply to use Hikvision DVR. NVR can connect to the streams from the DVR as they're IP cams.
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    IVMS software "Run Error"

    Have you tried to uninstall then clear install the latest version of iVMS4200? It might help sometimes.
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    Confused : IVMS/LOCAL settings or NVR

    Actually you don't lose these extra features.. you have to set it in the camera instead. In this case the NVR is totally unaware of these additianal settings.
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    Confused : IVMS/LOCAL settings or NVR

    Generally the NVR is the master, camera is the slave. When adding a camera to a NVR for the first time, the NVR reads the camera settings, and saves it back. Then on a regular basis (perhaps once per hour) the NVR sends back to the camera all the settings they share (like motion detection...
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    HIK 7608-NI-E2 no live view for main stream

    I also know about similar issue on the "E" series NVRs, it happens mostly during day time. Camera 1 is mostly affected (sometimes camera 8 if the NVR is 16ch). This Encoding issue is visible only in live view - the recordings are OK, live stream directly from the camera is also OK. For some...
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    IVMS software "Run Error"

    Hm.. when exactly gives that error.. during the intitial startup or when you try to add device? Try to create a new Windows user with new profile, then reinstall the software.
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    IVMS software "Run Error"

    Right click on C:\Program Files\iVMS-4200 Station folder, go to "Security" settings, add "Everyone" (or the current user) to have full rights and Apply. Then go "Advanced", select "Everyone" and check "Replace all child .. bla bla" and OK. This way give the current user or "Everyone" full rights...
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    IVMS software "Run Error"

    I’ve seen such messages before but haven’t figured out what’s the cause. Please pay attention of the video card type and drivers. Probably you have administrator rights, right? Is all the PCs joined in a domain?
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    Hikvision NVR 7608NI-I2-8P Reboot

    Is there a HDD installed? Try to remove it to see if that's the cause.
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    iVMS-4200 new version

    Yes, it works fine. Lots of bugs fixed and some new features.
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    Milestone Essential will be free for up to 8 cams..no recording limit...

    Making Essential free for 8 cams is great but I think the good news ends here. Adding yearly paid subscription packs for further expanding the Essential installation sounds me like a suicide attempt for the product. People will rather go for the next Express version (hopefully Milestone will not...
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    Record a HIKVISION IP camera to two hikvision NVR's

    Generally you should not have any problems to do that. Even though that's the only way Hikvision recommends doing a backup recording for the IP Cameras. Check if you don't exceed the total bandwidth that the IP camera could provide - I think it was about 16 Mbps for both the Main/Sub streams...
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    iVMS-4500 Android Push Notification not working

    Push notification in iVMS-4500 is not relialble function, even Hikvision itself admits it. Hik-Connect is the app which is going to replace iVMS-4500, try there with push notification.
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    Help DVR Hybrid series DS-9016HFI-ST

    What software you use for establishing serial connection to the DVR? For example PuTTY 0.60 or 0.63 (this version has serial connection capability) will do the job perfectly. Of course make sure you have a working Serial cable and a proper convertor USB->Serial in case you don't have integrated...
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    Hikvision/EZVIZ C4s 3MP IR dome camera, how to connect?

    As far as I know EZVIZ devices will be available over the network ONLY through the EZVIZ account. The EZVIZ devices don't have embeded web interface neither can be added directly in iVMS4200. There should be special iVMS4200 version, available in the camera bundle, or you could request the...
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    Hikvision Permanent Region Change

    I have camera DS-2CD2420FD-I (chinese version), fw: 5.2.0 140721. Is there any chance to switch the language to English?
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    Strange Issue

    Go to both IP cameras web interface in Network -> UPnP, and disable it, then reboot. Some of the cameras probably has been occupied port 554 through UPnP function.
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    Hikvision's new 4MP 2-series

    Not sure about it. At least you can try, most probably it will fail if the firmware is not intended for that camera when using standard upgrade method.
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    Hikvision's new 4MP 2-series

    Try using the latest firmware V5.3.6 build 151106 uploaded two days ago - it may fix something. Also try playing with the audio codecs.