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    how do you use PTZ auto-track/tour/scan/pattern/pan/time tasks?

    I have a DH-SD59225U-HNI and would like to hear how the rest of you use some of the various PTZ functions on any model of camera, whether it be at home just for fun or for more serious security. This forum has many posts with people setting up the auto-tracking, but how/when do people use the...
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    SmartPSS zoom on playback timeline without a mouse scrollwheel

    For those who don't already know this, SmartPSS allows you to zoom in on the playback timeline through the use of the scroll wheel on your mouse while hovering the mouse directly over the timeline (doesn't work unless mouse is over the timeline!). I do not believe this is in any documentation...
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    How does OSD "North" & "Coordinates" really work?

    I have a DH-SD59225U-HNI but I'm hopeful this setting exists on other PTZ models as well. How does the "North" setting work for the on screen display, and as it relates to the display of pan-tilt "coordinates"? See the image below for the settings. I'm particularly curious about the "N" button...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I have a few IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE that I bought from Andy. Every day they stop recording, and typically re-start at midnight even though I don't have the camera set to reboot until 2am. I have a feeling that the "Disk Full: Overwrite" setting may not be working, but I don't know how to prove it or...
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    24x7 recording of sub stream, then main stream w/IVR or motion?

    I have a Dahua 4k IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE. I love it, but have realized the limitations of a 128GB card (generally the largest "Endurance" card available) when recording 4k video (even w/H.265) 24x7. That fills a 128GB card in a little more than a day, requiring the "Auto Delete Files" setting to be...