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    Trusting Guarding Vision Account vs VPN Access Only

    Hello, I own several Nelly Security Hikvision cameras and a Hikvision NVR. I had a doorbell for a bit, but didn't like the need to use an account to connect to the camera/receive notifications. For a bit, I used a login account with Guarding Vision. I stopped for fear of outside access...
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    HikVision/Nelly Security NVR Scrubbing Issue

    Hello, I have an NSN-7324k-16p NVR with several 208 Bullet cameras at my home. I am having an issue scrubbing video with the mouse and I am not sure what the reason is or how to fix it. I figured I would upload a video of the issue here to see if anyone recognizes the issue and perhaps may...
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    Rack Mount Hikvision NVR - Rails?

    I have a 32 channel NVR with two hard drives installed. It came with rack mount wings/ears, but no rails. I plan to pick up a 12-15u rack enclosure to be used for a switch, the NVR, and a file server. Will the NVR weight (11 lbs without drives) be supported adequately using just the...
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    Browser Does Not Load Main Stream

    I recently bought NSC-208 8MP bullet camera from Nelly's. When I log into the camera Ip address on my gigabit lan, the main stream will not load unless I drop the resolution down to 1440p. The browser initially shows a grey screen, but I can change it to the secondary stream and it plays a...
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    New Home Construction - Can't Decide on Cameras

    I am building a new home in Colorado and have had Cat6 preinstalled into the soffit corners around the home. I am planning on 10-12 cameras around the house for coverage and plan to use 4MP POE bullet cameras. I will also include some PTZ IP desk cameras in parts of the house. My problem...