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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200605 Latest new firmware

    I highly HIGHLY recommend you reboot your device before running the update. I've seen many failures in updating when I forgot to first reboot, and never get a failure (with good firmware) when updating after a simple reboot. If you have your cameras set to reboot daily, this may not be such a...
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    Review - Dahua IPC-HFW7442H-Z 4MP Ultra AI Varifocal Bullet Camera

    @EMPIRETECANDY Is there another model like this, with the license plate recognition, that also has 12x or greater zoom like the IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E which I & others have purchased from you to do license plate recognition with external software? I’ve looked all over Dahua’s site and haven’t been...
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    Dahua SD card overwrite not working

    I've been using the Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB in 6 cameras, recording 24x7 for just under a year with no problems. There were issues with the initial firmware but about 6-9 months ago the firmware updates solved everything for me. If you're current on Andy's firmware, then try one of the...
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    Review - Dahua IPC-HFW7442H-Z 4MP Ultra AI Varifocal Bullet Camera

    @EMPIRETECANDY I don't see any mention of this supporting the "Enhanced PoE" (ePoE) either here or on your sales page, so I assume it's not supported. Are you aware of any other camera with ANPR that supports ePoE?
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    Review - Dahua IPC-HFW7442H-Z 4MP Ultra AI Varifocal Bullet Camera

    Do you know/Can you tell me, without using an AI NVR, is it possible for the camera to alert an outside system (such as an HTTP GET or POST) to alert some other system to the LPR event? It wouldn't have to contain any data other than, "Hey, something happened" and then let the external system...
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    how do you use PTZ auto-track/tour/scan/pattern/pan/time tasks?

    I have a DH-SD59225U-HNI and would like to hear how the rest of you use some of the various PTZ functions on any model of camera, whether it be at home just for fun or for more serious security. This forum has many posts with people setting up the auto-tracking, but how/when do people use the...
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    I also highly recommend a reboot shortly (or immediately) before updating firmware. I've never experienced a failure to update after rebooting, but have experienced many failures when I forgot to first reboot. Note that "failure" can take many forms. For example, several times the update process...
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    Dahua HFW-1831E in-depth review

    No, a lower FPS will not help. If you cannot get a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate the ghosting or "motion blur", then changing FPS will simple give you more or fewer blurry images. You say you "understand it relates to light exposure", but then you ask whether FPS will change and then...
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    SmartPSS zoom on playback timeline without a mouse scrollwheel

    @jack7 You're awesome! Thank you! I'm mad at myself for not thinking of the two-finger scroll, since that's (obviously, or should be obvious) the touchpad equivalent of the scroll wheel. I have a Thinkpad with that enabled and it worked perfectly. Thank you!
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    SmartPSS zoom on playback timeline without a mouse scrollwheel

    For those who don't already know this, SmartPSS allows you to zoom in on the playback timeline through the use of the scroll wheel on your mouse while hovering the mouse directly over the timeline (doesn't work unless mouse is over the timeline!). I do not believe this is in any documentation...
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    SD Card Recommendations

    Consider paying a bit more for an "endurance" card, depending upon your situation. See my post in this other thread for my explanation.
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    Dahua HFW-1831E in-depth review

    Ghosting has nothing to do with bitrate. Ghosting is really just blur which is a result of a slow shutter speed. The "ghost" image you're seeing is not the result of capturing fewer pixels (bitrate). It's because the object in motion has moved from one place to another faster than the shutter...
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    How does OSD "North" & "Coordinates" really work?

    I have a DH-SD59225U-HNI but I'm hopeful this setting exists on other PTZ models as well. How does the "North" setting work for the on screen display, and as it relates to the display of pan-tilt "coordinates"? See the image below for the settings. I'm particularly curious about the "N" button...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I still haven't figured this out, but I thought a video/screen recording of what I'm seeing might be useful to others if they encounter something similar. At this point I should probably rename this thread to be "SmartPSS doesn't list all events", but I'm not sure if/how I can do that. If it is...
  15. C is closed, looking for an alternative

    I've used (now hosted through Managed DNS DDNS DynDNS Services | Dyn) for at least 15 years, long before Oracle bought them. For more than a few hosts it's a paid service, but even then it's relatively inexpensive, always worked for me, and supported broadly by the market as a whole...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I'm trying to use WireShark to get a clue for what's going on. I see a series of communication between SmartPSS and my cameras with the following json: { "id" : 209175, "method" : "mediaFileFind.findNextFile", "object" : 1938398168, "params" : { "count" : 32, "object" : 1938398168, "this" ...
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    IVS event skipping frames on the local microSD recording

    Rather than create a new thread, I'm replying to this old one to ask if anyone is aware of any fixes to IVS missing the start of a recording? Has Dahua even acknowledged this problem? I do record 24x7 onto Samsung Endurance Pro cards but lose 1-2 seconds with every IVS event, which is ironic...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I can't figure out why something as fundamental as searching for records to playback doesn't work reliably (but it doesn't), also thinking that more of the rest of you would be having the same problems. I've installed (multiple times) on two different Windows 10 computers, and both exhibit the...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I may have spoken too soon. At least one of my cameras is not showing all events even when queried by what I thought was the "good" version listed above. For what it's worth, version V1.x of SmartPSS definitely works on all cameras. So I'll keep investigating, but I'm convinced something in...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    I finally discovered that there are multiple versions of SmartPSS that are both V2.002.0000007. Below are the two install file names that I encountered. Note that one has "FLIR" in the name with a "T" in the name and date 190122. That one does not work properly and is the one I was using when I...
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    How to Replace Analog system into IP system easily

    That’s what I have & do today, with a PoE extender every 100M. My question is whether Dahua offered any EXTENDED PoE Extender that would let me use only one extender/adapter up to 800M (their ePoE standard).
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    How to Replace Analog system into IP system easily

    I just install a IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E using the 2nd configuration in Andy's diagram above, using the simple LR1002 since the IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E is an ePoE device. It too was plug & play. It simply worked. @EMPIRETECANDY Does Dahua offer anything like these LR1002 adapters which allows an older, PoE...
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    Email Bug fixed Firmware for

    @EMPIRETECANDY You told me the previous version of this firmware was also ok to use on my IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE. Is this also ok to install on IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE? I ask to be sure because your list above only has "423x" models.
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    256GB SD Card: It Works

    I'll start by saying you'll get a lot of people saying that a lot of cards "work great", but if you record to your card 24x7 (not just recording motion/IVS events) then you really should get one of the "endurance" lines which should last longer, have a greater warranty, etc. I believe Samsung...
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    Email wont pass test

    As is often the case, there's already another thread on this exact topic: email notify Many cameras and other devices (e.g. Synology NAS devices) can no longer send through gmail without an update, due to gmail getting more strict about things. We need to wait for a firmware update to use...
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    Odd question: taking cameras as carry-on. Any issues?

    I'm in the US and have taken cameras in my checked-in luggage a few times with no problem. Having said that, let me offer a piece of related advice at least for people in the US ... I also took with me a "tool" to crimp RJ45 connectors, and it was 7.0001 inches long. TSA has a rule that no...
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    Calling all most experienced members

    All they are doing is marking up the cost by ~10x (roughy/conceptually, don't nit-pick the 10x) and then letting you pay over 5 years. If you make ~6 months of payments, they are break-even and then every payment after that is pure profit to them. Nice scam/way to mark up the pricing by ~10x. If...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    Now I feel like a complete idiot. I used the web UI and I see video recordings/events during the time period which SmartPSS did not show them. That's a much better answer than finding out the cameras or SD cards didn't work, but wow do I feel silly, and frustrated at the hours I spent trying...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    Interesting new data point. I also have a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE, which I also updated to the same software version, V2.800.0000005.0.R, Build Date: 2019-03-25. Earlier today, it stopped recording as the card was/is almost full (120693.3M/122066.2M). Most of my recordings on the 5231 are 50MB, so there...
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    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE stops recording every day, overwrite not working??

    Great idea. I don't have one but will get at least one to test for any different behavior. For what it's worth, after reformatting the SD card this morning, in just under 4 hours the recordings stopped again. This time the card is far from full (using only 12GB out of ~122GB). There is...