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    Small Image while cycling cameras in windows Chrome ui3

    When I open ui3 in Windows Chrome and cycle cameras, the cam images only fill about 2/3 of the window. I can zoom but even the first zoom step (x1) overflows the window (edges outside window). Changing resolution doesn't matter. In Windows Explorer the images fill the window as I would...
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    Dahua HFW1831E Focus?

    I just got two 1831s for overwatch at my house. I had them up side-by-side (before mounting) to set up IPs, etc. I notice the image from one camera is noticeably sharper than the other. Is it practical to adjust the focus of these things?
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    Hello from Rural NC

    Thanks all for this site; I found much great information here despite the occasional vitriol. I am working on a six-camera exterior setup for my home (2-front door, 2 back door, and 2 side over-watch) . This is partly a hobby and partly a way to get evidence in case of a break-in. Before I...