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    I have a DS-2CD2432F-IW camera running V5.4.0 build 160530. As far as I can tell the plugins don't work with modern browsers so I can't view the stream with the web interface. I checked the manual but didn't find directions on working with other options to view the live feed. I'd prefer to use a...
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    Long Distance POE

    Has anyone done installs with cameras running over POE (proprietary or not) at longer distances? I need to get 4 to 8 cams running at distances from 1000 - 3000 feet. I'm guessing this is a serious challenge to get running reliably but figured I should ask the experts before I go the wireless...
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    True WDR wifi camera?

    Looking for a true wdr wifi camera that can handle challenging lighting such as sunrises and sunsets. Indoor or outdoor.
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    Software for rapid review or motion detection?

    Any suggestions for software that can be used for motion detection or rapid review of previously recorded video?
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    Motion Detection

    Can BI be used to detect motion in previously recorded video?
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    Amcrest vs ???

    How does Amcrest stack up to the other DVR solutions typically discussed here?
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    Software for rapid video review?

    Is there a software solution for rapidly reviewing archived camera footage?
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    Amcrest 7204

    Using an Amcrest 7204 with 4 cams. Backup DAV files to usb HD and review on Windows box running Amcrest Smart Play. Getting inconsistent results with this setup. I need the ability to review 8 hours of footage quickly. Ideally I'd grab the timeline marker and drag forward or reverse and the...