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    Error code 17

    Hi, I have few Hikvision cams and sometimes I get Error code 17 with ivms. Do you know what does it means? And how to solve this problem ? Thank you
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    Email settings

    Hi I'm not able to setup an email notification. I'm getting a "wrong password" error message... In the past, I remember it was working... I tried with gmail smtp. Do you have also the same problem? Thx
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    Hikvision and no-ip

    Hi, Did anyone managed to use no-ip services from Hikvision cams? Here is my actual config: But no update is done on no-ip server. Thanks for your help
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    Hik-Online (HiDDNS) or not?

    Hi, I have several Hik cameras and would like to know what would you recommend to remote access them using the iVMS-4500HD? HiDDNS or other DNS (like no-ip, dyndns, etc)? I have tried the HiDDNS but sometimes it works and sometimes not... The port are the default one (8000, 443,554,80), the...
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    Hikvison camera and Samsung Smart TV

    Hi, I have a DS-2CD2532 and would like to have the live view on my Samsung TV. Does anyone managed to do it? I know I can use NVR or Android USB stick connected to HDMI but prefer to avoid this Thanks