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    My Hikvision cameras are hAckEd ..

    Just for your knowledge : Huawei provide the chipsets (HISILICON) for Hikvision & Dahua. And now Huawei enters in the compétition loop with very aggressive prices and a large range of cams, face to n°1&2. So there is no best or bad cam ; you just got the quality you paid for. Hik & Dahua are...
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    Bricked 2032. Not on network

    Like I said in another post, the solution is to use the 4 points connector with a small interface (like jtag), to unbrick, place new firmware and so on. All range of Hik products have this connector for service issues. And this is from where the FW, modified FW were applied from grey market by...
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    Setting up DS-7108N-SN/P with cameras

    OK, The most easy is to use PC NVR. It will always work correctly and you can mix all version cams. HIK made it like this to protect domestic and overseas market, because different price for same product lines.
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    Setting up DS-7108N-SN/P with cameras

    I assume all cams were seen from SADP first, right range, right username and PW and all activated? The recorder also seen from SADP ? From recorder itself, you will be able to delete and declare the cams. In some situations, if the FW of the cam is upper to NVR delivered version, then you can...
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    DS-2CD2532F-IS Bricked - Help Please

    For this kind of issues, discussing with Hik, the only solution to reverse FW and unbreak the cam, is to use the internal 4 pin port of the cam and a small interface connected to RS232 laptop. All cams have this connector and allow to force FW, downgrade, etc. I saw this small device but I don't...
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    ds- 2cd2032- i ch keep rebooting every 5-10 minute

    I never saw a correct customer support from China. Here most of the sellers are box sellers, that"s it. They only buy boxes, unpack boxes and pack boxes for shipment and make some small benefits. So useless most of the time....
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS connecting up mic

    To be honnest, A simple cheap mic is enough... Don't forget it's G711 compression = phone quality.
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    Hardware clock

    Some elements to try. 1°) Try to simple sync the cam with your local computer (without NTP) normally must to works. 2°) If it's ok, then choose NTP option, place the IP of your NTP server then "TEST" button to check if you have positive message from you cam saying the link is OK. 3°) Chose...
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    Hardware clock

    The best here is to install an NTP server in one of your PC. Personally, I use "Meinberg", who is free. I install it on my PC NVR to synch all my system. For settings, you have an option on each cam. Just needs to enter the IP adress of the machine where the NTP server was installed. Works like...
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    RE: HikVision Setup

    I'm not saying to use mandatory a PC, but more an NVR without POE Embedded. Means POE is external to NVR PC is useful for live monitoring or footage playback, export , that's it. For a PC based NVR, the best is to use a Dell server like R210, cheap and robust. But this is my personal choice ....
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    Something to note about Amazon and HIK

    Talking with HIK, outside China, official FW is 5.2.5, that's it. They don't plan to make an unified firmware as their strategy was to differenciate the different local and foreign markets distribution, and firmware was the only way to preserve a little this marketing choice. So hacks will exist...
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    RE: HikVision Setup

    My thoughts here : 1°) Cat5/6/7 it's not really important here for residencial use. each cam will use 4Mbps so no worries here. Of course cat6 is the most common and can accept 1Gb bandwith... Even with 100 cams at 4 Mbps, it's more than suitable. So it's only costs. But if you can choice...
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    ds- 2cd2032- i ch keep rebooting every 5-10 minute

    What I'm saying : I never saw a cam 5.2.8 multilanguage working without rebooting every 5 min. Conclusion 5.2.8 only works correctly in Chineese, that's it... But maybe some one found a way to having it working without the need to downgrade to 5.2.5 ? Personally, CBX fixed my cam with 5.2.8, but...
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    ds- 2cd2032- i ch keep rebooting every 5-10 minute

    5.2.8 cannot work in English, as far as i know. So you need to downgrade to 5.2.5, then patch the cam to have it 99% in English (day of week will still stay in Chineese if you use the OSD). Other option is to go to CBX who will provide you a 100% English v 5.2.5 But I don't know yet if some...
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    ds- 2cd2032- i ch keep rebooting every 5-10 minute

    Yep, 5.2.5 is the only solution as 'phillip da' said .... Happened to me too...
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    Need help with outdoor PIR power connection options

    To make it simple, here you cannot use the POE from switch if you want to use the PIR from same power. What you need : RJ 45 from switch to pigtail who have RJ45 + power plug. (means power from POE doesn't been injected in the RJ 45 cable. in the power plug of pigtail, you inject 12v DC from...
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    Bricked DS-2CD2432F-IW - help you will have it 99% in English
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    DS-2CD2432F-IW audio issue

    Hi John, Happy for the sound back :-) I'm not a magician and don't have enough knowledge on firmware. Try this to have it 99% English: Other way you will need to contact CBX who have the real true solution ...
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    DS-2CD2432F-IW audio issue

    You have it somewhere in the forum. Some one placed the link to donwload. I do not have it in mind at this moment... But it's under Hikvision folder..
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    Bricked DS-2CD2432F-IW - help

    TFTP tool I think will be the saver. Important rules, if the cam was labelled 5.2.8, never went back to fw inferior to 5.2.5. You have some topics talking about TFTP and how to use it. And HIK site to download the tool with user manual. Hope this helps
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    English Language

    Did you try that ?. This is generic but works quite well : How to make HikVision firmware v5.2 multilingual! - YouTube Hope this helps.
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    DS-2CD2432F-IW audio issue

    Yep, The firmware you got in your cam have probably not been hacked correctly. I had similar issues with my last buy from China. So I didn't understand why it works with one more oldest from different provider having exactly the same FW and release. After some investigation, my doubt went from...
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    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    I don't use IPC. I'm working with a third party NVR and a SW Control Center: So Doesn't matter the kind of cam, just need to have Compliance with Onvif Profile S and the NTP function for time synch. And HIK does that perfectly for some $. My OSD was generated by the VMS...
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    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    Simply here: Works for me. Other way, you will need CBX solution to have it full 100% English. But as far as I know, today we cannot have v 5.2.8 full multilanguage so downgrade to v 5.2.5
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    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    I still have my simple solution to have my cams in Multilanguage 99%: Upgrade with a Standard v5.2.5 firmware, then I replace simply the IEfile.tar.gz. that's it... So no much worries here, waiting to find better solution
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    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    It's not Sanity but Curiosity and hands on. My original cam was Chineese then I upgraded it to v5.2.5 to have it in English. Only day of week stay in Chineese if I want to use OSD. My curiosity here was more to see if this "magic firmware" changes the week day to English but in fact No. So...
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    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    Are you sure it works? I tried it with one of my cams v 5.2.5 who are in English, but day of week in Chineese and the result after = 5.2.5 full Chineese !!!! Of course I cleaned my internet cache browser. So ??? Do I missed something ???
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    Hikvision on Ebay

    I placed some orders there last weeks and Aliexpress are cancelled one after the other one and seems they are one the way to refund me the money. I will update as money will be back. But for sure, hopefully I went trough Aliexpress account and not direct payment.
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    Rain, snow, bugs - motion sensing issues with 2032 style bullet cams - suggestions?

    Re: Rain, snow, bugs - motion sensing issues with 2032 style bullet cams - suggestion There is no much things to say here as intelligent video detection is out of range here regarding our cheap cams. So what is provided is not real analytics with dedicated filters for :fog, snow, cloud shadows...
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    IR LED Replacement

    My thoughts here are more: use 850nm Led than 940nm. 850nm are just a little visible but more accurate than 940nm who is invisible to our eyes. 850nm provides better field view at night than 940nm. And of course 99% of the standard cams are made for 850 nm. To the question : Can I use similar...