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  1. Rick Rick

    Profiles do not seem to work with BI for presets.

    I updated today to v5 because I though v4 was causing my problem with profiles calling presets. BUt this did not help. Here is my setup: 1. Create preset that is only active in Profile 7 2. Modify camera schedule to use Profile 7 at specific time But the camera does not move to preset when...
  2. Rick Rick

    Upgrade to v5 but can not access Web server across WAN

    I updated to the latests v5 today. I disabled my BI service and shutdown BI before doing the upgrade. I started BI v5 and set it to run as a service. I can access the WEB server locally but can not access it across WAN. ANy ideas?
  3. Rick Rick

    PTZ Preset does not override motion zones

    I configure the events to go to a Preset and different times. THen I configure each preset to override the motion zones with its own zone. But when I trigger it the main zone (Zone A) is used and not the preset zone.
  4. Rick Rick

    MismatchSenderId when sending Alert

    I am trying to send a notification to my Android. I am getting "Server error: Mismatch SenderId". I am running BI4. Anyone know what the issue is?
  5. Rick Rick

    Cameras 1 hour behind until I login

    All my cameras are set to place there time stamp on the video. I do not use BI for the time stamp. However I noticed that they are all 1 hour behind time. When I login to them all of a sudden the time gets updated to the correct time. Any idea what is going on" I have Dauhau, foscam and amcrest
  6. Rick Rick

    BL Web Application Doesnt show camera

    One of my cameras does not show up in the web app. I Set webcast to enabled but it still doesnt work. ALl my other cameras show up. ALl the cameras show up in the app reunning on the server.
  7. Rick Rick

    Foscam R2 not showing blue arrows

    I have two foscam R2s. One is a R2 V3 and the other is a R2V4. When you maximize the window (double click) on the V4 it does not have the blue arrows to pan with. Anyone knolw why?
  8. Rick Rick

    Too many false motions due to sun/shade/wind

    I have several cameras around the outside of my house and am getting many false motion triggers. For example I set up my zone to cover my driveway. But as the day progresses the shade from the trees crosses my driveway. The wind blowing in the trees causes motion in the shade and triggers lots...
  9. Rick Rick

    Remote Access Test Fails

    I recently changed my comcast modem. I have my own Netgear router and wireless. After changing the modem I found that I can no longer reach my BI from the public address. I run the WIzard and ift fails the Remote Access test with "The operation has timed out". I run canyouseeme and it fails with...
  10. Rick Rick

    BI causes slow response or disconnection of wireless cams

    Recently BI has started causing my wireless cameras to be very slow in response or disconnect. I have reproduced this many times. I can bring all my wireless cams up in browsers and no problem. I start BI and try and access them and they get unresponsive. I have 3 wireless cams and 7 wired. My...
  11. Rick Rick

    Anyone know about CCTV-Mall to purchase camera?

    I found a really low price on a camera there but was wondering if this vendor is any good?
  12. Rick Rick

    Does anyone know about the following cameras? Qulaity, Reliablilty?

    1. LEFTEK Mini Outdoor IP HD 4.0 Megapixel model SCNEW-14966 2. Inesun PTZ IP INS-HD54F-5.0MP-18X 3. Kenuco Mini High Speed IP 1080p 2MP PTZ model IP12
  13. Rick Rick

    Pre-trigger needs to be set to 10 sec to get triggered recording

    I have to set Pre-trigger to 10 sec to get the start of the trigger. I have set my FPS on cam to what it is in BI. Anyone have this same problem? Any suggestions?
  14. Rick Rick

    BI will not play MP4

    I have installed K-Lite Coldec pack 5.8.3 installed yet BI will not play the MP4 it records. Any suggestions?
  15. Rick Rick

    SUNBA mp4 not viewable

    Using "Queue for convert" For some reason BI is having trouble with converting my recordings form my SUNBA camera to MP4. All my other cameras I have no problem with it. At first I noticed that all theSUNBA MP4 had no thumbnail. So I installed Media Preview and it fixed it. But the MP4s will...
  16. Rick Rick

    Highlight Motion Not working

    I have 2 cameras that are exactly the same model. I have set "highlight motion" on each. On one that works great but the other I can not get it top work. It triggers but does not highlight. Does anyone knnow of a BI configuration that may be preventing the highlight from working?