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  1. DwightMorgan

    Impact of Dust on object detection and zones

    I just experienced an interesting detection scenario. An ATV when through zones DEF, but it didn't trigger. When testing DE triggered and F doesn't. I finally figured out that due to dust, the CENTER of the object never crossed through the zone. It turns out that as the dust rose from the...
  2. DwightMorgan

    HD and "Test test run video through motion detector"

    Any known issues with HD and "test run video through motion detector" ? I am running BVR and direct to disk, the camera exists, uncheck "Only When Triggered" and the live video immediately has highlights rectangles. The only complicating factors I can think of is HD and that the camera is...
  3. DwightMorgan

    Move to Preset - No option to go back to previous location (or preset) after motion stops?

    I am using a duplicate hidden camera with zones setup. When triggered, the camera moves to a zoomed in preset. I would like the camera to move back to the original location/different preset after motion stops or max x time. I am leveraging a patrol of 20 seconds between two presets at the...
  4. DwightMorgan

    AI Training

    So... how hard is AI training? They talk about starting with 15 pictures of each object you want..... It seems like training from your own cameras/yard/light situation might allow for a shorter training session that generic, but that it still must be a major project or more people would be...
  5. DwightMorgan

    Hi Def - Masking

    There seems to be something either not working or corrupt in my masking for one camera. HD masking doesn't show up when watching playback, but when I uncheck it does. Appears to have different masks for SD and HD, but that doesn't appear to be the issue. I have a 2nd camera that it appears to...
  6. DwightMorgan

    iPAD app

    Couple questions on the BI iOS app. 1. Can it go full screen on all cameras? 2. Can you have the motion alert audible? It flashes on the screen, but no audible without the push notification. Thanks!
  7. DwightMorgan

    Sentry Website

    What is the best way to submit data for analysis/correction? I find the website pretty frustrating, the only option seems to be via support / feedback (long survey with no upload option). Some of the links on the support page don't work, nothing jumps out at me as an option to create a ticket...
  8. DwightMorgan

    Trial so far

    1. I thought human activity would include vehicles...but guess not. I am happy to see that vehicle detection will be in a future release. 2. I would LOVE Bear activity :) probably not at the top of anyone else's list, but when the bears are around I want to know it. 3. I need a local audible...
  9. DwightMorgan

    Blue Iris v5

    I am loving v5! I will confess that reinstalled Win 10 from scratch (1903) and upgraded to v5 at the same time, but HUGE improvement. x256 review is possible now and smooth. The new shuttle interface is great. Motion detection has way less issues with shadows, etc compared to the v4 with...
  10. DwightMorgan

    H.265 vs H.264

    I was having playback issues running H.264H so I switched to H.265 for better compression....better, but still issues. Switched to H.264 and it appears to be fixed, I will know for sure in the morning. Can someone explain why H.264 is working better than H.265? In theory H.265 uses higher...
  11. DwightMorgan


    Andy, what is your warranty period in case of any issues?
  12. DwightMorgan

    IPC-HF8835F Weather rating? Best outdoor low light camera?

    Does the IPC-HF8835F require an enclosure or is it outdoor rated? I found one site that says weather proof, another post that refers to an enclosure. I am looking for the best outdoor low light camera available. I live in the country, no exterior lighting and I would prefer not to chase...