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    Amazon/Ring Drone Security Cam LOL

    I don't like ring products and I am sure most of us on the forum dont But I just found this funny they just got this mini drone with a camera LOL
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    Thanks to BlueIris and Ken Again !

    I was working with the Blueiris Support today. Thanks to Ken. He was able to determine a bug causing my disk usage pie chart not showing correctly so Soon we will be getting a new update for the app as per ken 2.00.16 which is being submitted now. Again and again Blue-iris always is so helpful...
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    Preset for PTZ in BI Question.

    Hi So I have some presets set for the PTZ my question is is there a way when it goes to say a certain preset it can also set the focus which I adjust everytime manually instead of that for that preset it can remember the last focus point for that preset so its in focus right away ?
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    Suspect Comes back the 2nd time For Car Doors same night after checking mailboxes.

    Suspect was first on the street on 9/3/2020 Checking mailboxes. Then After few hours about 4-5 hours in the night 9/4/2020 Around 3:00 am he comes back for checking car doors to see if anyone car is open to steal from.. Here are some of the captures from last night. You can see him here the...
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    No Signal Under BlueIris Only For LPRs.

    Hi I am noticing no signal number are really high for two cameras and they are my LPR under BI.. Now I am thinking this is being caused by since I am also using OPENALPR to tag plates.. And since both are using the stream could be the reason.. How ever whats funny is even though BI says no...
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    Rubber Seal ? Wire pass thru ?

    Hi Junction box comes with this Rubber Ring With a slit in the middle where you can make the cable go thru and then plug that rubber ring in to the hole to seal it properly. Do you know where Can I buy those and specifically for the hole in behind the PFA120 ? It does not have to have the slit...
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    One More Camera Added :) IPC-B5442E-Z4E

    One More Camera installed today and have the tree trimmed. Things Have to do for clear camera shots LOL haha
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    Open ALPR Stopped working an hour ago ?

    Hi My OpenALPR is not detecting plates, Seems like this stopped about an hour ago anyone else ? I am on version - I am kind of hesitant to update at the same time since I have the csv reports working perfectly or was when this was working LOL.
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    Compact/Repair DB How often ?

    Hi, So Recently I think I had DB corruption. So My camera stopped recording and I could not get it to record. Only few were recording and sometime they will start back recording and stop again. I believe it was due to DB corruption or something. Now my DB does go to the SSD in which OS sits on...
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    Just a Thought - Alerts / Manual Youtube Upload Possible ?

    So, Just a thought,I was thinking since Youtube is pretty much unlimited in terms of how much clips / video You can upload to the account. Say if We had a clip from blueiris and we can just say mark it or flag it. Or say want to export it instead of saving directly we just get an option by right...
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    Just upgraded to the latest version which came in. (error)

    Hi I just upgraded to the latest version and it is errors out now not opening how can I revert back to previous version ? I did had the setting turned on I remember in the version to go back if I needed. Not sure how to do it. Thank you !!
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    Porch Pirates Arrested YAY !

    Today, some would be “porch pirates” met their match when the ever diligent citizens of our City continued to show they’re looking out for each other. This afternoon, several residents alerted the PD. While officers ‍♂️‍♀️circulated the area, they were able to locate the vehicle and two...
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    During Shelter in Place - Over the weekend

    Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying safe. I got some captures over the weekend so one happened on Friday Morning 5/15/2020 another incident on 5/16/2020... Thanks to California Laws there is not much COPS can do for the 2nd incident for the first. I am reporting...
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    New Line of 10th Gen Desktop Processors.

    Intel just released some new desktop line of processor it be interesting to see test on these as well in near future.. Would love to specially see the test on this 10900k...
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    Looking For Good Enclousure Box for SNC-VB770

    Hi, I have recently placed and order for SNC-VB770. I am still trying to shop around and see if there is anything else I can use for this camera as a enclosure box even maybe some which can have some Pan tilt possibility as a function of the enclosure box. since the camera is fixed. (Again dont...
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    Ordered Sony SNC-VB770 Image Sensor Size 35MM :)

    Hi Guys, I wanted to share with you I will be soon getting a SNC-VB770 Possibly in a week or two. Just placed the order. Will Definitely be a while until I permanently Mount it however I will be doing some test like in low light and share some video once I get it:) Want to know your thoughts...
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports Steps I took To Get Mine Working. ZERO Programming Experience.

    I did try to put the guide here but the site is not letting me.. So I put it in PDF Doc for now.. Again If someone can post it here from the doc Will Appreciate it..Hope it can help someone.. Again thank you so much to @Gymratz & @DLONG2 for Making this software :D and SQL Engine to work...
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    Auto Track Possibly tracking air or ghosts LOL

    Hi Everyone ! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend ! So I have the SD8A840WA-HNF and sometimes I have seen Auto Track on the camera just go insane. So Today I was luckily sitting on the system while it happened. So fired up IE and noticing rules too what it is trying to track. please...
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    Moisture trap every morning ?

    HI One of my camera gets some moisture trapped between the lens and glass.. It does clear up after a while... every morning. Just was wondering any ideas on how I can avoid this ? Thank you so much !! Its the bullet Camera. Thank you Everyone once again !!!
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    Dahua - IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E - AI functions.

    HI, I am trying to get the Face Detection working on the camera using SMB. So far I have been un-sucesfull. Not sure if anyone else has achieved it or set it up using SMB. So far do not see anything dumping onto the folder I have set.. All the permissions are there. It is not the...
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    Best Delivery Experience - Thank you UPS LOL

    So, My Local UPS driver delivered a package and since I have shared in the past that My house is rigged with cameras and so is the front door as well. TO recap here is the pic of front door. 4th camera is also there in the pic towards right which is out of view. Anyhow long story short is...
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    Choosing PC Case for Multiple HDD ?

    Wanted to get general opinion here we are in 2020. What pre build if any would you guys pick say for blueiris PC in case prespective for say a i9 9900k ? Specially when you know you are gonna say put 5-10 Hard drives 3.5 inch. If there is no pre build what cases would you recommend ? Thank you !
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    Looking for a suggestion for The BEST nighttime face detail camera.

    I am looking for some recommendation on the best camera so far for ultimate details of face. This camera purpose will be nothing but capturing facial details for night. My all other cameras can pickup face at day with no issue. But night it struggles since I have a very very low light situation...
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    3990X & Blueirs thoughts ?

    Just wanted to see what your guys opinion is how will this CPU perform or what are your guesses on what kind of load it can handle ? for blue iris ? I am not planning on getting it but Wanted to just see what you guys think it can handle.. since it has a really high core count and decent...
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    Time Lapse Recording ? BI5

    Hi, So Currently My footage for the camera are recording 5 min clips 24/7 recording. I would like to make some time lapse video using 12 hr of footage. What is the easiest way on blue iris to do this for existing recording which again are all 5 min splits .. ?
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    BlueIris Stats ? Is there a way ? and HDD space.

    Hi is there a way .. for blue iris to figure out live FPS and bandwidth from all the cameras which the system is handling ? 2nd on the disk space and number of days of recording I think it can be a really good feature where if possibe you can tell blue iris like these are the drives I have say D...
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    So I just got the DH-SD8A840WA-HNF. I bought it from Andy offcourse. He is superhelpful as always. The shipping was smooth. Will see if I can get to test the camera this weekend and post some videos if I get a chance. But I just wanted to share some pics here for it.. It is big camera.. Some of...
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    Wireless Sensor For PTZ Call ?

    Hi I am not sure if there is a product like this. But is there a way to have a say wireless sensor Say motion or Maybe even a switch like for a Side Gate.. And When that switch / motion sensor triggers withing Blueiris we can Call a PTZ for that preset... ?
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    Help Me Decide On PTZ Camera

    So I am trying to decide which one to go with for a PTZ camera.. I want a great day time footage and also a great night time footage I know higher the pixel and the more complex it gets to grab some night specially for me since I am on dark street. I do not want like a blurry image So I am...
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    PFA-120 Hole In the back ?

    Hi I have a question about PFA-120.. There is a big hole in the back.. So My Question is how do you guys cover that for water tight seal ?? Am I Missing something ? I am using this with Corner mount PFA 151