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  1. SkyLake

    Cable gland or alternative for PFA130-E

    Better run the cable thru a conduit, which is going into the gland. Better protection for the cable from the weather and eventually critters. :) And if you have a rubber seal that fits between the gland and the housing, install it also.
  2. SkyLake


    You need to download Version 5 and then install it. On the blue iris website, download the V5 installer After the install, the settings from version 4 are transfered to the new version automatically.
  3. SkyLake

    SD22204T-GN Low Light problems

    That camera does not have IR build in. It is also very badly suited for low light situations. You would be better of with a 5231R-ZE as a example. You could install some extra lights, or manually adjust the exposure time. But using a longer exposure time will give motion blur and eventually...
  4. SkyLake

    SD49225XA-HNR Anyone have one?

    Didn't even know it existed. lol Very curious about that one, as i currently have the "old" SD49225T-HN, without auto tracking, smd and AI. If the new one is any good, i will switch it in a blink.
  5. SkyLake

    IVS Pixel Count Setting

    Ahhhh, my bad :) But sorry again, as i cannot be of any help on that question, because i don't have any AI cam unfortunately. I'm hoping to hop on the bandwagon for AI cams anywhere soon.
  6. SkyLake

    IVS Pixel Count Setting

    Sorry, which Global Setup Tab do you mean? As i don't see this anywhere at the moment.
  7. SkyLake

    IVS Pixel Count Setting

    In my understanding, this just a "tool" for measuring. If you want to know for example how many pixels a person or other object has in a specific area, you can draw a pixel counter box in the preview image. After that, you can setup the IVS rule detection rectangle to the minimal and maximum...
  8. SkyLake

    House explodes

    That's quite a pressure wave coming from that explosion. Even the small sign sort of thingy - left from the driveway - dangling around after the bang.
  9. SkyLake

    DH-SD29204T-GN rebooting

    I would check if the PoE switch or PoE injectors are not failing. If they all reboot, then i would think of a power failure
  10. SkyLake

    Power setting and CPU utilization

    The Minimum and Maximum Processor State under Processor Power Management in the Power Options also regulates things like this. Look at what they are set, when you set the plan to Balanced or High Power.
  11. SkyLake

    Injured Deer Jumps A Fence

    :( :( That poor deer. "Ok, it's nature. It happens" most people say all the time, but if i see things like this, even a big guy has tears rolling. Feeling so sorry for that deer.
  12. SkyLake

    PFA-120 Hole In the back ?

    You can use a conduit hole seal. I don't know the size right now.
  13. SkyLake

    Close call on lightning !

    Great catch! But it's the exposure that adjusted itself instead of the white balance. :D
  14. SkyLake

    NetTime Setup with Firewalls

    You have to make a Inbound firewall rule in the windows firewall for the NetTimeService executable. Not the NetTime one.
  15. SkyLake

    Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE - FL, HFoV, Zoom Values & ppf Chart

    Thanks for the effort you did put into this. Thumbs up!
  16. SkyLake

    Video not working with recent V5 updates for a Dahua PTZ

    The "File unmatch, Upgrade failed!" error message, made me think the same. As Dahua signs their firmware nowadays.
  17. SkyLake

    Little Guy Bicycle Crash

    Yes indeed. :D Those little ones are flexible like rubber. Every time when i ride at the motocross track, i see them fly by on the little 50 and 60cc dirtbikes, to hit the dirt hard a moment later. No cry, picking up the bike again, and ride it like they stole that thing. The next jump they do...
  18. SkyLake

    Video not working with recent V5 updates for a Dahua PTZ

    Which firmware version are you trying to upgrade to? Try this one, as this is the latest official firmware version for the SD22204T-GN. I attached both the NTSC and PAL version of the firmware.
  19. SkyLake

    What can a citizen do with license plate data?

    How many spy / action movies did you watch in the past?? :lol: :winktongue: If i had to do that much effort, just for a light show at my home, i would get a fort knox. Don't get me wrong, no hard feelings. But to me it sounds more like securing a top secret mission. Nothing wrong with securing...
  20. SkyLake

    BI 5 PTZ Joystick

    Dahua has the NKB1000 Not too expensive, and i'm sure @EMPIRETECANDY could hook you up with one for a good price.
  21. SkyLake

    Little Guy Bicycle Crash

    They must be twins, as the other kid holds his leg after the other one crashed :lol: :lol:
  22. SkyLake

    Pls help deciding on NVR for Dahua system

    Quick answer, Yes. But then use a switch that is PoE 802.3af / at capable. Don't use passive PoE switches from Ubiquiti.
  23. SkyLake

    In your NVR, go to Settings -> Storage -> Record Control In there you just set the corresponding camera / channel to OFF, in Main Stream, Sub Stream. After the upgrade is finished and successful, i set them back to Auto That's how i do it most of the time.
  24. SkyLake

    Video not working with recent V5 updates for a Dahua PTZ

    Try PTZ profile "Dahua new V4" Will get back later, to add my settings for this cam. EDIT: Video settings for the SD22204T-GN. Don't change your Discovery/ONVIF port to the one in my settings. And do a Find/inspect, to see if that does anything. Video - Path...
  25. SkyLake

    How does OSD "North" & "Coordinates" really work?

    Point the camera to the north, and then click on the button to the right to set north. Then it does set the north to that position / direction. After that, the arrow changes direction when the camera moves. The arrow points to the north. So if the camera looks south, the arrow points down...
  26. SkyLake

    Cam #5 and #6 are up (includes dual starlight)

    My guess would be, probably not. It is more designed for the bigger dome models. Maybe it could fit, but you would have to measure the base of the camera, and look at the mountingholes pattern. Here you have the datasheet of the PFA200W, and a picture i made from the datasheets to compare the...
  27. SkyLake

    Flying object caught on a Digoo ipcam

    Just a string of a spiderweb from left to right, that's reflecting inside of the infrared focus point.
  28. SkyLake

    Video Card for 3 camera setup ?

    Ahh ok. That explains it. And i have to agree on both Hyper- V and not passing a good deal. Also got lots of servers laying around here that were a pretty good deal :D
  29. SkyLake

    Video Card for 3 camera setup ?

    Update the video driver to the latest version for your system. Problem could be the Server 2008 version, due to support. As it is more aimed at corporate stuff, and not consumer grade. Review the motion trigger setup, and / or your network settings. Lag does not always mean, that the problem is...
  30. SkyLake

    Which Starlight Model?

    For a small footprint Starlight with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), there is also the Dahua SD1A203T-GN. The HDW5231R-ZE is a really good one in my opinion. If you go Starlight, then i would recommend the 2MP ones, as the higher megapixel Starlights don't perform as good at night as the 2MP ones. Dahua...