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  1. Terk

    Newbie - check my build plan / shopping list

    As far as the Blue Iris mobile app goes if both phones are the same either Apple or Android you can likely use family sharing to only have to buy one license for both. If however you have one of each then it will cost $10 for each platform.
  2. Terk

    Setting up remote camera to catch a cat!

    It would work that way but it would be a lot more secure if you either had a BI server on site at the cafe or setup a site to site VPN between your house and the cafe rather than opening ports through the cafes firewall for the cameras, in this case I think you would need both port 80 and 554...
  3. Terk

    Quick and Dirty Comparison of: HDW4431C-A V2 HDW4433C-A HDW4631C-A HFW4431R-Z HFW5231R-Z HDW5231R-Z

    Tigerwillow is correct, Starlight means the camera "sees" better without the aid of IR lighting so you can see distant objects better. Even on cameras that offer IR lights you will get better night performance from a Starlight camera. It is best to buy from @EMPIRETECANDY rather than random...
  4. Terk

    Setting up remote camera to catch a cat!

    It looks like your sending your admin password over the internet to an open port at that location in clear text. Have you thought about having the Blue Iris server onsite with the cameras and use VPN for remote access from home?
  5. Terk

    New Dahua camera has 30s delay on Blue Iris

    When I first added my IPC-HDW5831R-ZE I thought everything was fine however later realized it was lagging by around 30 seconds, I changed the Make/Model options in the Video settings of the camera and found one that worked without a lag and PTZ worked.
  6. Terk

    Dahua hfw8232 no logo?

    You can just email Andy his are genuine however most don't have logos unless you specifically request it which costs more. Pal/NTSC doesn't matter when your looking at IP cameras it just affects the max frames per second but usually you will not want to use the max FPS anyway as it wastes...
  7. Terk

    VPN Primer for Noobs

    The OpenVPN Connect iOS app released a new update today, you may have better luck, but when I updated it on my phone I could no longer connect using the profile in the app I have been using for the last many months and I had to re-import the .ovpn file again and overwrite the existing profile...
  8. Terk

    IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE Question

    If your looking to buy from Empire Tech then it is an English upgradable firmware camera. The seller is known as EMPIRETECANDY here and is the preferred seller of International Dahua cameras.
  9. Terk

    Quarterly Products Review 2018 Q2 - Dahua TV

    I did, I was wanting one for outside and while domes work fairly well outside there are times when I get too much reflection off the dome so I was hoping they had a turret style available, hopefully they will soon. Thanks.
  10. Terk

    Quarterly Products Review 2018 Q2 - Dahua TV

    I was really interested in that dual turret camera until I saw it isnt IP and PoE, otherwise I'd probably have ordered one today.
  11. Terk

    HTTPS and Port 81

    Make sure you have the client using https for external and internal connections and all you should need open on the router is port 443 if that is what your sTunnel is listening on. However you should really consider closing all port forwarders and using OpenVPN on your mobile device to connect...
  12. Terk

    How to disable swipe/Touch PTZ

    I think this will do what you want
  13. Terk

    HTTPS/Stunnel not showing up in web server test

    As long as you can access https://108.x.x.x or https://192.168.1.x it should be fine. STunnel just allows you to establish an https connection to the machine then encrypts the traffic to send to the BI service on that same machine. I still use this for all of my internal traffic and remote...
  14. Terk

    HTTPS/Stunnel not showing up in web server test

    No the test fails with an error 401 (Unathorized) I believe because it isn't able to sign in without credentials. However the app, and UI3 both work perfectly over the https connection.
  15. Terk

    HTTPS/Stunnel not showing up in web server test

    Here are my settings
  16. Terk

    Switched to "Direct-to-disk Recording" - No Clips?

    I mainly use the iOS app but I use D2D on all of my cameras and I see my 10 minute clips (Per my settings) per camera as well as each triggered recording as well. Maybe show your settings and disk utilization from the report icon in BI.
  17. Terk

    Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z - English or Chinese firmware?

    Did you ask Andy (email), he can most likely get it for you even if he doesn't stock it. Although he is in Hong Kong so probably won't respond for 5 hours or so.
  18. Terk

    Is there a way to trigger a geofence profile outside of BI?

    Yeah, It's definitely better than http since any traffic you send through is encrypted, however its still an open port which provides an easier attack vector than a fully secured router using a VPN tunnel.
  19. Terk

    PTZ1A225U-IRA-N 2MP 25x Starlight

    After using the PTZ1A225U-IRA-N for a while would you recommend this model? I like the mounting style, I am thinking of mounting it under the eave of my house hanging down and I'm not thrilled with the foot long pendant mounting hardware or the huge corner bracket used for the other models like...
  20. Terk

    Is there a way to trigger a geofence profile outside of BI?

    IFTTT doesn't work with BI, you can share your purchases in the Apple store with family numbers if you'd like (I think you can share with up to 5?). The BI apps Geo-fencing ability requires you to open a port through your firewall to the BI server which is less secure than using a VPN...
  21. Terk

    Dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z - English or Chinese firmware?

    Look at the Wiki link at the top of the page for the Cliff Notes for recommendations and where to buy. @EMPIRETECANDY is very responsive and will get you an international camera quickly if you order from him. Also you will know the camera you get from him will support firmware upgrades if needed.
  22. Terk

    From zero to broke....

    After Andy sends the DHL tracking number you can go to On Demand Delivery to allow the package to be left without a signature if you want.
  23. Terk

    Blue Iris buying site not inspiring

    It's saying its not fully secure because some content is coming from non-secure sites the one component I saw that is likely causing this is the call for the following graphic
  24. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    If I understand correctly you changed the BI camera settings all from to If that is correct you would want to change the NVR to static and give it the address instead of 101 so you don't have to make anyother changes in BI the rest of the NVR settings...
  25. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    The 16 Port | 183W so you don’t run out of power since they are around the same price
  26. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    It doesn't look like that router has a VPN server capability, at least not in the PDF above. So then the only options would be to replace the router with an ASUS or another brand that supports hosting an OpenVPN connection or (not recommended) opening a port on the existing router (if you went...
  27. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    I'm not sure why it started to work again if you hadn't gotten around to making the DHCP changes yet unless the NVR just happened to switch back to the 101 address via DHCP again which is unlikely but not impossible. Make sure to document the current NVR IP and settings before making any...
  28. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    I'm glad its working for you now! Having you BI server, NVR, and PC on the Trednet switch will help with performance since all of the cameras are going through that NVR currently. If you get any additional cameras I'd recommend just plugging those into the Trednet switch and giving them a...
  29. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    Yes, it is setup to pull the individual streams from the NVR. I'm not sure why but someone set them up for him this way, I'm guessing they originally were planning to use the NVR but decided it didn't provide all the features so went with BI but I don't know why they left the cameras behind the...
  30. Terk

    No signal Error 8000274c

    Each camera does have a unique IP already but they are on a non-routable network because they are on the internal LAN of your NVR, because of this, all of the cameras need to be identified in BI by the same IP (that of the NVR). Did you change the DHCP scope and set the NVR up with the static...