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    Blue iris pc home media setup

    i have a i7 alienware itx set up on my livingroom, i have bi running on the background with the sound alarm on, is there a way of for example, if im watching a movie an the alarm is trigered, can a notification or a small window appear ? Like pip?
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    Bi cpu requirements

    Can a intel core i7 740qm handle a 1080p camera at 30fps?
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    mini pc to run blue iris?

    i have a sunba 1080 ptz 30fps camera, i want a inexpensive setup ,was looking at the mini pc's, i need a setup that can handle blue iris running smooth just 1 camera at 30 fps in 1080p, buget of $150.00 , any advice? chinese made maybe? i had such bad luck with cheap nvrs you wont belive! advice...
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    what's the best nvr under $120.00?

    im looking for a nvr max 3 channels 1080 30 fps with good ios support, any advice?
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    Any good vms software for mac?

    I been looking for a vms aplication similar to the ones on pc and have not find a goodone,any advice?
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    Is hikvision ds 7104n-sn 4 any good?

    This nvr model is usually on sale on ebay with no info no specs, and they usually say the firmware is not upgradable, any body knows anything about this nvr pros cons ?1080p? What fps? Theres not a single video on youtube showing the gui or a demo i have 2 ptz 1080p 30fps cameras, and looking...
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    Help identifying generic nvr board

    I would like to know if someone can tellme what board is this? I just want to find the right firmware for it i thought it was a nbd- 7808tbut it seems its not, firmware wont work
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    My horrendous journey dealing with generic chinesse brands

    My first knighmare started with foscam, you can view my posts , then i graduated to cheap nvrs, i realized there are 100s of different brands using the same board, and they will not tellyou whith firmware is right for them, after doing some research i found out they are all based on the board...
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    Whats the best inexpensive nvr ?

    I have a question, whats the best nvr onvif compatible around? Any advice? I just got screwed with chinese generic one thats impossible to recover or update.
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    all foscam firmwares and tools

    here is a link for those that need it , good luck! while is still works (user=tech02,pwd=bos85201)
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    brandless nvr updated with wrong firmware

    today i updated my branless nvr firmware , now it doesnt work, doesnt recognize the hdd ,network or the camera, wont restore even, can somebody help? its a nvr1008p 8ch h.264, thats what says on the box
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    brandless nvr updated with wrong firmware

    sorry duplicate
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    how to update the firmware on a generic nvr

    i bought a nvr on ebay,had no brand other that says h.264 nvr 8ch ,model nvr100-8p on the box .can some one help?i need to know how to upgrade the firmware, this is the nvr...
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    brightness problem on 507-20xb sumba dome cam, mr bad luck!!!

    brightness problem on sunba507-20xb camera, 5 days old and cant see anything help!!! after many years of problems with different brands of ip cams, i decided it was enough, bought a fi9828p foscam from ebay 2 months ago , went bad , got bridged, finally paypal refunded me the money on that...
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    bricked foscam fi9828p

    i did a firmware update and some how it ended up bricked, called foscam and no help, i bougtit on ebay an the seller is no longer, i have the ttl cables, opened the cam an there are no f2 or f4 ports.i need if some one knows where to soldrer this cables to the serial ports so i can recover...