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  1. giomania

    Dell Refurbished site wide sale

    Dell Refurbished Store coupon: 45% off sitewide Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. giomania

    Dell Outlet Sale 1-7 November

    I found this on DealNews: Dell Outlet Featured Deals on Computers & Laptops 12% off OptiPlex, and 15% off Precision. I picked up a good deal on a Precision T3620. Mark
  3. giomania

    Micron announces microSD cards built for video surveillance

    Better than Samsung EVO+ / EVO Plus, or a bunch of BS?....Discuss! Micron announces microSD cards built for video surveillance Micron has just announced a slew of new microSD cards that have been designed for the video surveillance, with the new industrial microSD cards coming in 32GB, 64GB...
  4. giomania

    PoE Switch Suggestion List

    Update: 2/21/2018: I added images of all the switches: Update 2/15/2019: Prices & pics updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pwVaK4J83awpilnxOi7YTTB85OhPync8AMXoIDVnN-w/edit?usp=sharing I created a list of PoE switches from suggestions I came across on this site and from searching...
  5. giomania

    Dell XPS Skylake i7 PC w/ 16GB RAM, 2GB GPU $690

    I know the GPU is un-necessary for BI, but if you have another PC you can use it in, it is not a bad deal. Shields up, @fenderman ;) Dell XPS Skylake i7 PC w/ 16GB RAM for $690
  6. giomania

    Intel Coffee Lake-S Architecture Benchmarks

    I am curious to see if the new Intel Coffee Lake-S Architecture will result in a change in BI hardware recommendations going forward. I am guessing the price premium will not be worth it for modest systems with less than 10 cameras, however, in the first article below, the Core i5-8600K has...