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    Dahua and ONVIF authentication

    I googled and came to this thread. For anyone who cares about ONVIF on Dahua, what you need to do first is setup on the webgui to have no authentication first. Login using ONVIF Device Manager and you should not need a password with access to admin controls. Go to "user management" and it...
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP Information and Hacking

    I am having a hard time adding this unit to my NVR after a factory reboot. The image does not show, however the NVR acknowledges that the doorbell is there cause the status is green Any ideas anyone?
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP Information and Hacking

    OP, I am getting conflicting info and would like your assistance. In the specs, they it says POE 802.3af for power, but some descriptions note I have to purchase a specific DAHUA one. What did you use?
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    AliExpress - Who are people using?

    I just wanted to add here that I've been ordering from this store a few times -- VIKYLIN TECHOLOGY Store - Small Orders Online Store, Hot Selling and more on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group and they are Xinray themselves but with a different name. They are slightly cheaper than the original...
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    POE Switch Suggestions

    I use Poe switches for power purposes. In the event a thief makes it out with my NVR, I know that my cameras still have POE power via a seperate switch and so the cameras are still recording to the memory card inside the camera
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    Clare Doorbell Camera

    One of my clients are looking for a doorbell, but I am trying to find one with the least amount of hiccups which connect to a screen when pressed. I'm not sure if I'm sold out the Hik door bell yet. I like the dahua villa series..that looks like what I want but with a Hik setup, I wonder how...
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    Max recording resoloution?

    Look under Record > Parameters. This will tell you what the camera is recording at.
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    Hikvision camera incorrect password

    You may want to email Hikvision support for assistance in resetting the camera password if you bought it from an authorized dealer as they were very helpful for me before touching the firmware route above. One of my clients had their system hacked and passwords reset so I emailed hikvision and...
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    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool

    I wanted to add the code generator didnt work for my NVR using SADP, however I was able to use the code on the NVR itself using the hidden button on the bottom left.
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    DS-2CD3120F-I not displaying video. Is it dead?

    Ribbon cable? :p
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    Remote playback of Sub Stream footage?

    What's your internet connections like? I have no issues playing back on 30down/5up internet connection while my cell phone is LTE.
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    Buying from Chinese supplier - advice

    Xinray for cameras, not sure about a managed POE switch. A lot of off lease cisco 3750 managed switches that offer POE and in my area off Kijiji for about 90cad Good luck.
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    Camera dead after move - DS-2CD1103-i

    5 minutes of trying to access the camera, no go. Now I'm not sure if it's cause it's dead to begin with or I flashed it without the ribbon cable attached....
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    Camera dead after move - DS-2CD1103-i

    Telnet seems to be dead... C:\Users\epcjay>telnet Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed I'm also noticing a break in the pings every 30-40 seconds. Perhaps its on a bootloop. I don't think I'll invest anymore time on this...
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    Camera recommendation for DS-7108NI-SN/P

    You can set it to record @ 1080p and 720p as you wish. It's all up to you. I want to say Dahua camera should work with this NVR, but I cannot guarantee this model: DaHua IPC-HDW4431C-A POE Network Full HD 1080P 4MP IR Mini Dome IP CCTV Camera | eBay I use another Dahua camera which has PTZ...
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    Camera dead after move - DS-2CD1103-i

    Long story short, I had a client move his office to a new location. Some of the contractors unplugged all the cameras and left them a side. I came to reinstall it as it should all be configured already, with angles needing to be adjusted. One of the cameras didn't come back online. I see IR...
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    Hikvision NVR ethernet light not working for one camera

    +1 Sounds like an ethernet cable. Is it a premade cable, or hand made?
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    Camera recommendation for DS-7108NI-SN/P

    Correct, 7108NI-SN/P is limited to 2MP or 1080p only. I've been using 2132 and now 2135s. The cameras are 3MP and I set it to record at 2MP. Same if you get 4MP sets, you have to set it to 2MP/1080p mode.
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    Turret Network Camera, "No Link" ???

    SADP wont pick up the camera if its behind the NVR, (I am assuming you are using the NVR ports for the camera) What you need to do it power the camera using 12V, and plug it in directly to your own home network. Then SADP will pick it up. Do you have any spare AC adapters lying around? I had...
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    Help viewing dahua ptz on hik nvr

    I just wanted to add not sure wtf I did, but now one of the two work on the 7108 via onvif. Only difference between the two cameras are 1 uses dahua firmware, and the other uses generic dahua firmware (no dahua mentioned inside the firmware) **edit* Holy crap, i figured it out. I donwloaded...
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    Help viewing dahua ptz on hik nvr

    Not sure if this is solved for you yet, but on my 7716 NVR, I can add it on ONVIF no problem with full PTZ controls on the HIk NVR, however on the older 7108 NVR, i can only add it via RTSP 554.
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    Quick review: Hikvision DS-7108N-SN

    Sorry to hijack, but I am having trouble adding my Dahua PTZ via ONVIF. I can only get it to work in RTSP. I get parameter error. I know ONVIF works via ONVIF Device manager. The NVR is from china. Not sure if I should do a firmware upgrade, but my firmware is V3.0.7 build 140725
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    Backdoor found in Hikvision cameras

    Not sure if related to backdoor, but I've had two cameras from 2 separate clients compromised. Their admin password was changed.
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    Swann set from Costco

    Anyone have experience with these hik rebrands? Am I able to use the Hik Mobile app instead of the Swann app?
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    Cannot enable alarm notification on iVMS-4500 app (ios)

    So once I forward port 80, turn it on, I can unforward port 80 and it will continue to work? Can't seem to get any notifications despite being "on" I checked and made sure "Notify Survillance Centre" is on Thanks
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    ivms-4500 Error Code 8200 - DS7608NI-E2 with DS-2CD3145F-I

    Just wanted to add i have the same issue in one of my installs. Funny thing is, it only occurs when the office is busy, so i figured it was a bandwidth issue. had to drop the quality down in order to view it.
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    which email providers are you successfully using after gmail fail?

    I'm using a hosting services -- stablehost. I pay for it for another purpose, so it's no added expense for me.
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    Camera not working over POE? but works over LAN

    Either pick these up https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-LINK-TL-PoE150S-Injector-Adapter-Compliant/dp/B001PS9E5I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1468759500&sr=8-2&keywords=tplink+poe These look exactly the same as your listing on amazon, however I can confirm they work because I have bought 4 of these to try...
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    Dahua IPC-HDW4421S return to Alibaba question

    I use them for Hikvision stuff. In my experience, they are pretty good. I am getting some Dahua stuff this week from them.
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    ivms-4500 Error Code 8200 - DS7608NI-E2 with DS-2CD3145F-I

    I'm just shooting in the dark here, but make sure uPNP is turned off on all the cameras. Maybe they are port fighting with each other. For me I had the NVR and my Camera fight for port 8000 when they were on the same network and viewing them feeds on IVM4500 would constantly have a connection...