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    Dahua DH-SD59230T-HN Unable to Manually Focus

    Using Blue Iris, I'm unable to manually focus both near and far. All controls work using Fire Fox Browser including Auto focusing and Manually focusing. I have tried a lot of different Makes and models but only the one that "Find/inspect" actually 'finds' can I actually get a video to show...
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    Can't turn IR on/off nor move cam with PTZ diagonal arrows with BI

    DAHUA MODEL SD59220T-HN just received last week. Everything works using FireFox but not with BI. Can't turn IR on or off with BI and also can't move in the diagonal direction but can move left/right and up and down. Anyone seen this problem and have a solution?
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    Setting to Force BlueIris Tools to Auto open BlueIris?

    For a month or so, BlueIris Tools no longer automatically opens up BlueIris! Can't find which setting does this nor what caused the problem. Just went back from version x64 to version x 64 and no help. Anyone know the solution...please! Edit: Another bunch of problems...
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    Are Unbranded Dahua Cameras from Aliexpress really Dahua's?

    The site claims that they can't sell the cameras with the name Dahua on the cameras, but that they are in fact Dahua's. Also, do these cameras come with a wall mount and power supply? I could find no way to leave a message to get answers to my questions before placing an order....Thanks for...
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    How to get cams out of 1 frame on desk top?

    Somehow, I have both cams in one frame on the desk top and I want them back within their own separated frame. Also, how do I get rid of the black frame around my cams when on the desktop? About 3 revisions before version 4, there was no black frame around my cams. It sure would be nice to...
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    FPS keep changing from 1 fps to 26 fps throughout the day

    Using Blue Iris with a Sricam AP005 wireless outdoor camera. The fps just cycle from 1-26fps with nothing else running on the computer. Computer specs: Win 7 Pro, Intel i7-4770K 3.5GHz CPU with 16GB of ram and only using less than 10% of cpu! Doesn't matter what frame rate I use for the...
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    Barometric Pressure using Blue Iris Tools locked on screen!

    I'm using the BI Tools and have the barometric pressure stuck on the screen. Closed down BI and BI Tools and just can't get rid of the BP image! Does not respond to right clicking and can't highlight it......Any suggestions
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    Can't view Sricam AP005 remotely via Internet using BlueIris...can Lan and browser

    Sricam AP005-No problem viewing with LAN and Firefox browser. Do I have to use port 80? I'm currently using port :4005. Is the site at BlueIris actually being connected to or is it in China? I have successfully used remote connect to another camera but after I had to change to another mfg...
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    how to set up a 'preset' position for the camera?

    Is there a way to set a pre fixed position for a camera so that I can just hit one key to make the camera go to that position? Thanks!