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Sep 7, 2020
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I'm looking to install a NVR with five IP 4k cameras, DS-7608NXI-12 and five DS-2CD2385G1. Will add a PTZ in the back latter for bird watching, deer, rabbits etc.house 1.JPGhouse 1 left side.JPGhouse 1 left side b.JPGhouse 1 right side.JPG
I'm hoping to get if possible 180 degree coverage of the front house with two of the ip cameras, including full coverage of my car which I park in front of the garage, might need another cam for that.
For the left side of the house ivy grows along the entire wall but there's an antenna pole I can use to mount a cam facing downwards to get the gate to the backyard and the two basement windows.
For the right side I'll mount on on the shed in the backyard approx 100 feet from the house, directly behind the garage. The last cam mount on the back of the house facing the back entrance to the house.
I am relying on your expertise as I will more than likely order the equipment from abroad and would like to get it right the first time around.

I Initially posted in the wrong area, sebastiantombs was nice enough to give me a few pointers such as such as the 2 meter rule of thumb for identification purposes.
sebastiantombs said:
Order one varifocal camera first and try out each of your locations. From what I can see, the one on the side, near the peak, is wayyyyy too high and won't provide anything useful enough to identify who did what or maybe even what they did with any real detail. The general rule of thumb is to install cameras no higher than seven feet, about two meters. to be able to properly identify miscreants. The other two in the front are also too high to be effective for identification.
Read the information in the Cliff Notes, in the blue bar at the top of the page. There is a lot of excellent information there regarding camera types, placement and building up an EFFECTIVE system. Above all, test before starting the installation of any camera. Test by wearing a cap and/or a hoodie, or have a friend do the test, and see if you can identify who is in the scene well enough to be useful.
The varifocal camera will let you see what lens size is needed as well. There is a converter in the Cliff Notes to assist with that determination. That camera can also be used in the final installation as well, so it's not a waste of money.

I live very close to the ghetto and I am concerned about theft of the actual cameras at that level.
The deck railing will obstruct part of the viewing angle of the 2 front cameras which would normally give me 180 coverage if placed a bit higher up. I might also have to hire a tech to run the cat6 cable internally.
I've looked at some reputable security cctv installers and all of the examples they show of their installs are of cameras installed at very high levels, one would think they would be aware of that error in not being able to id someone.
I've decided to go with four 2CD2386G2 and a good varifocal for the side, maybe I can go with a cheaper NVR as the cameras already have the acusense built in.
In my mind this seem to go so smoothly, now the more I think about it the more question arise, good lord. For eg should I do 24/7 recording, is the NVR capable of doing 5 4k cams 24/7?
I'll have to scope out some install pictures on here get a better understanding of how this works, start from there.

house 1.JPGhouse 1 left side.JPG
house 1 left side b.JPGhouse 1 right side.JPG