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Discussion in 'Milestone Systems' started by colmcille, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    I've been using Milestone Xprotect Essential for a year now (almost), and didn't find this feature until last night when I was faffing around on their website. "Hmm, it says the Smart Client can do Smart Search...I wonder how that works". >_<
    I knew there were a few different ways of searching/sifting through recordings, but had not noticed this one before. I don't use the Smart Client much. I mostly use the Web Client or Mobile Client, and these do not have the Smart Search feature.
    The Smart Search allows a person to select an area and search only that particular area for movement. My overview cameras are on constant recording, and this is making it easy for me to flick through any of the previous night's events at choke points on the overview cameras without having to check each individual choke point camera in turn or together.


    Sorry if this isn't news or new to anyone else who has tried Xprotect, but I am tickled and chuffed, so... :)

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