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Hello Andy, you helped me before and i wanted to ask if you can help me with two Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE
Looking forward to hear from you if this is possible.
Thank you.
Andy - Do you carry a camera similar to the DH-SD22204UE-GN with a built in microphone?
Hi! I'm looking for a PTZ CAM DAHUA with RTMP in order to set it up to stream directly from the cam to Youtube.

¿Do you know which one can i buy and how can i make it possible?

We were looking after the DH-SD49225T-HN (IP PTZ 22X DOME with audio in)
Hey Andy. Im looking for a good Poe PTZ dome camera. Do you have any recommendations? Is SD22204UE-GN a decent camera? just looking to cover my front porch (will be hung under an eve).
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Thanks for the reply @HackitZ. That looks really nice. Where did you buy from?
from Andy,
Camera is fantastic at night in my neibourhood. with the street lights it looks like day time. cops just came by the other day and asked if i could look through my footage for a suspect. i found a guy walking and showed it to them.
the cop looking said i have never seen a security camera look that good at night.
mind you i have no idea how many cameras they see, but it does look great.
here's a pick, it's a little blurry but that's my laptops fault, its showing the sub stream. on my server it looks great.
Have a new project in mind where I would like to capture either and or photos and video and be able to add sensor data into the video beyond the camera name - data - time. Does anyone have an idea if there is a platform that will do this. I am a current Blue Iris licensed customer and will be asking in that forum as well. TIA
Hi there catcamstar,
I saw you responded to some VPN posts. I could use help on which VPN is best for my needs.

Thank you!
Hi @BruceWayne007 , sure! My personal favorite is OpenVPN: the server runs on ample home routers: Asus, netgear, the generic "dd-wrt", but also on Ubiquity and other fancy brands. Qua OpenVPN client, you got support for almost all operating systems, mobile devices and tablets. Choices choices choices :p
Thank you! I tried and tried with WireGuard but lost internet connection after getting it configured. If I reset the router and started over everything seems to work fine until I configure WireGuard. I gave up and need to go through the OpenVPN setup like the majority of people use.

Thank you for replying!!
Hi there spile,
I just posted a thread on VPN help and I noticed you have respond to some VPN threads. If you don't mind would you see what if any input or suggestions you have for me?

Thank you!
Hi Bruce. I can recommend running PiVpn / Wireguard on a Raspberry Pi
Hi there,
I found you had some VPN answers and I definitely have some VPN or now stunnel questions.

If you don't mind here is my thread and Thank you!

Good Day

Hope you can assist advise im having issues and maybe you know AGENT DVR better than me

hello, i got a problem with my blueiris, after downloading latest version and upgrading license to release x64 all screens are overwritten with " Blue Iris Evaluation Version" I bought the full licence think I should not have this overwritten screens, someone there who knows how to fix this issue ? Regards from Germany
I am experiencing the same thing. In addition, I cannot see the cameras via mobile within the LAN and my Support Level has changed to Basic [Expired]. I just emailed support, I can report back what they say. I also bought a full license and did not expect it to expire after 1 year.
This is a profile post, best make an actual post in the forums in the future so more people can see it.
Anyway, when I upgraded my version mine went to Evaluation version too. I reentered my licence and it worked.

@KC_grown Previous versions of BI used to last well beyond a year. Apparently they were always only a yearly license but it was never enforced. A few versions ago it was enforced so anyone with an older license became expired.
It surprised a few people going from v4 to v5 too. If your license is older than a year you probably need to renew.
The license never expires. Ever. You simply loose the ability to install updates and get support.
Hi Andy, I've seen in some posts that you provably can help me, I've upgrade it my nvr to version 4 and now I've the boot logo and then the nvr reboots, Are there any options to restore the nvr? or the only way is send it to Dahua?
Hi Buddy

What is your NVR's model No. We have a engineer in USA can help you fix up it if they are nvr42xx or NVR52XX , but will charge some money and you undertake the shipping cost.Can send me a PM if you are in USA.
If ship back to dahua, the cost can buy a new one and waste of time.

New member in need of help. I got 5 IP Cameras from Reolink RLC-420 5 MP to do live demos with and I get this image problem that I don't know how to fix.

I take the RTSP links and use them in OBS Studio (streaming software) to stream on youtube. Sometimes the cameras do the weird thing you can see in the images attached. Sometimes one at a time but most of the time more of them.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix it?

I already changed the cables, the switch, checked the internet....I have no other idea.

See the pictures here:

post on the forum not on your profile
Need Help.. i forget Hikvision network camera passowrd Model: DS-2CD1021G0E-I/ECO, i try SADP tools but no reply from support. if any one know, how to reset please help.. Thanks
hi. to reset the password, I used a usb-ttl 3.3 v Converter and the putty program. I stopped loading the camera with the ctrl-u combination, then the UPF command and restart the camera.
DS-2CD2542FWD-IS the resuscitation of the camera. The web interface is not available. The video stream is unavailable. sadp swears at every action. The reset button only resets the camera, the settings do not change. I used the same method with connecting to the ttl connector. Usb-ttl Converter, voltage 3.3 volts, Pinout on the left: +, TX, RX, gnd. Putty terminal