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    Extend three NVR connection

    I draw you a network schematics, did you try it ?
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    Extend three NVR connection

    try this architecture be sure to use gb switch for all of your switchs
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    LPR Walk Through / Tutorial

    Hi @kevkmartin Since a long time, will it be possible to post your file ? Thanks again
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    Nanostation M5 with Hikvision Cameras

    Hi How will you power the cams at light poles ? Where does your power come from ?
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    Dahua Firmware Mod Kit + Modded Dahua Firmware

    Hi @Killcam I also own a HDW4431C-A with 2.420.0000.22.R, Build Date: 2016-12-09 firmware I'm interested by the newest firmware resolving security issues Can you tell me where to download it ? Regards
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    Anyone tested IPC-HDBW7842H-Z ?

    thanks for your response i will take a look on this camera
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    Anyone tested IPC-HDBW7842H-Z ?

    Hi Anybody tested otr have informations about IPC-HDBW7842H-Z ? 4K (8M) startlight Effective Pixels...
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    Yard sensors- Laser perimeter sensors or ?

    Hi @Dahua Hikvision SA Can you tell me the reference of your IR detector ? Thank you
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    VTO2000 V4 firmware and VTH1550CH V3.12

    Hi Can you also send me thé la test version via pm Thanks
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    Hi Can you confirm that this firmware (DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V3.216.0000003.0.R.20181211) is ok or not, do i have to keep the DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V3.216.0000002.0.R.20181106 ?
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    Camera network and VPN server

    can you try check page 72 of pdf then fig 85 (i get the info from ZTE Gateway Routed Modem to Bridge w/ Linksys Router - Cincinnati Bell | DSLReports Forums) Hope it help
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    EasyPTZ: a new simple camera viewer for Windows

    Hi Any news regarding a linux version of your application ?
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    VTO2000A new V4 firmware

    thanks a lot Unfortunately no french/italian/Spanish language firmware Bye the way, the file indicate wrong address i use : with same credential on file -> 04 Product Firmware -> Intelligent Building
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    VTO2000A new V4 firmware

    @riogrande75 yes you're right, pretty impossible