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    Question about best vendors and warranties

    If you buy 3 or more cameras from Andy you will save enough to outright pay for a replacement if needed and still be ahead. I've got 7 from Andy and so far no failures.
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    Not as sensitive as I hoped

    On the trigger configuration page check High Definition. From help: "By default, to save CPU and smooth-out noise, the image is reduced by considering it in blocks. The High definition option actually increases the number of motion detection blocks that are used by typically 4x."
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    Android BI Widget not working

    My Widget version is 2.0.69
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    Sentry still around?

    Working in BI5 for me. Not yet No
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    Android BI Widget not working

    Works fine for me. Samsung S8+ Open VPN.
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    Copy Profiles in BI5

    Bad idea and would probably get you on his ignore list. It's not the number of emails but the number of users requesting.
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    Copy Profiles in BI5

    Email support, - I have. If enough do maybe we'll get copy/paste back.
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    manually disable motion detection - auto enable it after specific time

    Settings - Profiles - Temp Time Help: "Each profile may be assigned a time to remain temporarily active before returning to the normally active profile (as defined by a schedule, see below). You may select that the temporary state is immediately cancelled when a camera is triggered."
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    Sentry Questions

    When were these made available?
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    Cloned cameras reporting bitrate

    Look in the camera video tab for Designated group master. It should be checked on the master camera only, unchecked on the clone.
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    Turn off alert push notifications per camera?

    Camera Properties - Alerts - On Alert - delete the push line or change profiles selected.
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    The specific camera schedule will override the global and do exactly what you want. Leave inactive where you want the global to be active and draw in the profile you need for the days and time you want.
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    Motion Detection best practice.

    9000 and wait until it starts to delete clips, then in Blue Iris Status check clip storage for allocation info.