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    EmpireTech 6 Years Anniversay, New Office New Start

    WoW 6 years....Great to hear the move went well.
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    Please Recommend Me a Dahua

    @ wittaj..great links for the Bird house idea I posted..thanks
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    Cat 6 cable passes test but still experiencing packet loss

    Your cameras will work but your yard will be flooded with that Down Spout cut :)
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    Please Recommend Me a Dahua

    How about the Hidden Bird House Camera mod..several people here have made them you never would know a camera is inside.
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    Looking for USA made cameras

    That is what I did for my run into my Detached Garage.....MY System Install-- Step #1--Fiber Optic Cable to Garage Install I also used Vlans..working out ok... but I have had to put my Cams setup on hold for awhile :(
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    No WAN access unless open

    keep us posted...It will help some else someday
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    A few pics of latest installation at Ghetto apartment complex

    I bet you wish the cams could shot back at times...
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    Router recommendations

    I used an ER 4....supports VPN....just have not gotten around to the actual setup. Purchase price was around $140(when i got mine)
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    Need help with Tripwire function setup

    interesting thread following....
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    Natural Gas Generators

    Yup just gasoline.. I have two Eley Reels and 150' money ever spent
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    Natural Gas Generators

    the Tank sits in the Garage (58' x 30') Do not know for sure..started off with 28 Gal..maybe used 14 Gal. not sure gen. tank still has gas in it and 30 gal. tank at about 2/3 full still relignt R308A...$350..they stopped making them right after I Purchased is the exact same thing as...
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    Natural Gas Generators

    Good to see you are getting what you want ? The freeze really did a number on a ton of Texans. (well actually our Power Grid) I went the other Route and installed a manual transfer switch to run 8 circuits. Lucky me I had just purchased a 30 gal. fuel Drum and Pump a few weeks before. House made...
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    How regular people are fewking up WALL STREET HEDGE FUNDS

    Yup now TDAmer and other Brokers are not letting the average Joe do Cash Put Options on these and other Reddit driven stock plays. So, Who is really in collusion ??
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    Camera locations for future house

    Will Cams in spot 2,3 get blinded by the lights being so close to them ? ?
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    Trying to understand Drive Capacity and BI

    If you have a disk limit 12900Gb and set to 13963GB..your over..give your self a cushion