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    Limit Decoding Unless Required

    Agreed. I have 26 cameras running (total of ~1,300 MP/s) and without "limiting decoding" on some of the less important cameras, the CPU (i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz) hits 99% when too much motion is detected simultaneously and sits at around 84% on average. However with "limit decoding" selected on 4 or 5...
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    SD49225XA-HNR Anyone have one?

    I bought a DH-SD49225XA-HNR from Andy recently (firmware build Date: 2019-08-19) and am very impressed with it, so much so I just bought a second one... my only issue is when auto-tracking exceeds either a certain time-length (45 seconds?) or maybe it is when it tracks an object beyond 180...
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    Sentry is great for me

    I agree.... when it works, it works well. Every now and then when they have server problems, I know about it straight away as my in-box gets hammered with false alert emails (tree shadows, clouds, etc)... which reminds me how much better it is when Sentry is working properly. One improvement...
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    Sentry User Feedback

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    Sentry User Feedback

    Yup. Me too. Have emailed support. Have had to turn alerts off, to avoid being swamped with shadow alerts with no people in them. Makes me appreciate Sentry when it works properly. Similar problem happened yesterday afternoon (different error msg). AWS problems apparently.