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    Doing some tinkering. Instead of Dahua internal SD card, was able to send .DAV videos and .JPG to NAS instead.

    It’s not useless. Just depends on your purpose. My road overview cam sends all IVS triggered snapshots to my NAS at night. Then I can browse all those snapshots the next morning from any networked computer in my house to quickly click through all the cars/people that passed by the road or walked...
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    Blue iris new to stored not working well

    It depends on your drive size and how full it is to begin with. 256GB is tiny. Windows probably eats up 20GB of it alone. So for you, if you really insist on moving files around, then I'd set it for X days instead of GB unless you set the GB size real low. All of my BI installations record...
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    Is there a way to access the files on SD Card from network ?

    I assume you mean the SD card from within a Dahua camera? You can download clips through the camera gui. Not sure if you can access the SD card directly. There maybe a way to do it through the Dahua API but I don't have that information.
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    Remote network using a bridge for cameras?

    Especially if in the country where spectrum is much less crowded.
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    Remote network using a bridge for cameras?

    Behind a window and only 6' off the ground at that distance (should be double that for that band). Those are the problems. But if they work well enough for your needs, then thats what counts.
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    Remote network using a bridge for cameras?

    Well that’s fine if it’s the best you can do and works well enough. Looks like your transmit power is turned all the way down. Upping it may help. But it’s really about clear line of sight and minding the fresnel zone. If either one of those is a problem, signal strength suffers.
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    Remote network using a bridge for cameras?

    Your signal is bad. -83 which is close to the noise floor. Ideally you want around -60dBm.
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    Soil solarization landscaping. Clear vs Black plastic. I'm going Clear for this first attempt.

    You’ve got more patience than I do. I call the sod company and have them till and lay new grass. Your in the desert though so I’m not sure what front lawns are supposed to look like.
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    Outdoor junction box

    I’ve used several of these. Plenty of room inside and having a power outlet is excellent:
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    OpenALPR Webhook Processor for IP Cameras

    Just noticed you added some logging information and web hook forward to the settings page. Adding a second user doesn't seem to work. After I try to add one, I get an "OK" in a red bar at the top. But I can't login with the secondary user. I have to login with the 1st user and the user page...
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    Empire Tech Andy Made It To YouTube Video

    I believe the 5442-NI is the bullet model. I think @bigredfish did some tests last year and concluded it did better at night (though it does lack IR).
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    Hikvision PoE camera

    You haven't provided any detail. What model are the cameras? What model was the old NVR? What model is the new NVR?
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    POE switch connection to NVR

    Yes, you can do that. The standard for PoE doesn't allow for just pushing power down the cable regardless of whether the end device can handle it or not. There are checks and balances to make sure the device at the end is actually PoE capable and of the right PoE class before power is sent to...
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    Empire Tech Andy Made It To YouTube Video

    This is the guy that has recommended Reolink in the past, right? I've never watched any of his videos but I always see people saying how "Thehookup recommended Reolink...." I don't think the term "Night Vision" should be used when talking about security cameras unless we are talking about the...
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    OpenALPR Webhook Processor for IP Cameras

    Sweet! Will be awesome to be able to not be dependent on the webhook as it will make installs much simpler for those with limited network experience and we won't have to worry if Rekor decides they want to abandon the webhook functionality. I haven't check the documentation on "region". Is...