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    Recording on motion and alerts for zones

    You can trigger another camera from that one. There are a lot of options to try, you can play with it until finding the right settings for you. For example, you may have 3 cameras monitoring motion, but one of them sending alerts to your mobile (alerts for the 3 cameras!), so you only configure...
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    Recording on motion and alerts for zones

    You may try cloning that camera, and use one of them for motion recording, and the other one for alerts
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    Ready for Version 5?

    It's still not clear enough for me. If i pay 29,95 or 34,95 today, I will have my blue iris updated to version 5. But it will last for one year? So on May 2020 I will need to pay again to stay in newer version 5 releases?
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    Ready for Version 5?

    So in this case, a new license should be bought, right?
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    Profiles and schedules

    Hi Andy 4 profiles is correct. I use the same setup as yours, with Global Schedule.. Best regards
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    An interesting option would be to upload only partial image (similar to Blue Iris Area of Interest), but retaining the full camera view in Blue Iris. For example, I'm not interested in people walking on the right side of the camera's image frame, as it should trigger a false detection and I...
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    As a matter of fact, I think none of these actions should be started if AI Sentry rejects the image Thank you!
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    So it is not available for push notifications, is it?
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    I think that the cameras setup should not be changed, but if you enable Sentry, a second instance occurs after blue iris triggering, where Sentry analyses the image and confirms or rejects it (human in the image= accept). If Sentry enabled, alerts/push should be delayed until Sentry confirms...
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    4.8.6 - March 14, 2019 - Sentry Smart Alerts is now ready for public use

    Hi! Same error here. Also alerts are not being truly cancelled in BI, despite Sentry announcing the alert is going to be cancelled...
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    Hi... They are independent. You may have several profiles, but one sunrise and one sunset (time at which they start will move along days). You can also set an offset +/- of sunrise and sunset.
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    Ability to record continuously but then only archive the motion?

    Hi, I think one solution is to clone that camera, then you can configure each one independently. One of them you can use for continuous recording, and the other one for motion trigger/alerts.
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    BlueIris memory leak?

    I had the memory leak but in my case it was fixed with a fresh reinstall of Blue Iris, no problems since then..