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    Building a new house and Electrician is installing Paradox

    Having wired sensors has many advantages, even just running the sensors to central panel can be useful later. I was happy my house has wired door a d window sensors built into the frames. They are invisible when closed and difficult to spot when open. Each door or window is on its own “zone”...
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    Amcrest IP8M-2599W mini review

    I turn on HDR to about 20%. It makes daytime look a little washed out but you can see shadow areas.
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    Rampant ransomware.

    We use a phishing training service. Each user gets and email each month enticing them to follow the link. It’s reasonably effective. Better than nothing.
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    Solar powered outdoor wifi camera

    The pet fence guys ditch witch across driveways every day. You could do the same across the parking lot with direct burial cat6. Many times parking lot lights are wired with three wires, one always hot and one switched, so you can have an outlet or something else attached to the pole.
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    DeepStack ExDark - Detect objects in dark/night images and videos

    I looked at the dark training set. Doesn’t seem that it would be that useful. I train two models: one with color images and the other with IR images. When the camera switches to IR it sends a gray scale image, and I use that to determine which model to use. When I train my models I first...
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    How many cameras everyone running?

    I have 14, plus two in a box. 13 outside and one in the garage. My next two I want to install near the street.
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    Not So Smart U-Haul Driver

    Hope the fire department was able to rescue them. I expect they had something quite important in the truck. Separately, if you have a sprinkler system, it’s great to have some cameras. Typically the pressure sensor notifies your alarm company or the fire department. Most of them time they go...
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    best way to get important notifications

    I’ve thought about setting up a fake smtp server for my cameras to send to. Then I can forward the messages to telegram, pushover, slack, etc..
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    SMD and IVS ignoring tracked machines

    Yes, you can fool AI with a t-shirt or other low-tech methods. Based on the camera captures users post, most perps are not too concerned about cameras.
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    SmartPSS Mac M1

    I've not had any trouble with other x86 processes on my Mac... seem SmartPSS is not following some API correctly. Process: SmartPSS [65552] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com.dahuatech.SmartPSS Version...
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    Have you heard of NDI??

    It would be nice if ipcams could broadcast NDI. We’d add more cameras to our live stream if they didn’t cost $2,000 each. We could go from RTSP to hdmi but we’d still have the latency issue.
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    Have you heard of NDI??

    Most onvif IP cameras use H.265 or H.264 video compression. This technology groups blocks of the screen together and compresses it, and also sends delta frames before or after key frames. This means if the video is static you use little bandwidth. The video compression is done on the camera, and...
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    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    Yes, you can. I prefer to keep the OS and jet pack on the SD and my data and apps on usb storage. To the other question regarding GUI, best is if you get comfortable using SSH to the host. You...
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    UBER Driver throws trash into the street

    2.02 Defendant Uber Technologies, Inc. ... Uber Technologies, Inc. may be served with process by service through its registered agent, CT Corporation at 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900, Dallas, Texas You have to look at it like Dara Khosrowshahi personally came and dumped garbage on your street...
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    Maybe Another Cam

    I have a few IP5M-T1179EW, which are about $50. The Loryta version of the same costs about $80, but enables all the IVS features. But hard to say if that fits your need. What’s important is knowing the distance from the camera you are interested in. The 2.8mm lenses are fine for up to 20’ or so.