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    $5,000 budget for Car Wash - Please help me spend it

    I’ve had good experiences with Amcrest. They’ve replaced cameras, exchanged products, and provided firmware updates. They have more features enabled, like snmp than some Dahua models. For home, I now get my cams from Andy, but for commercial installs I prefer Amcrest.
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    $5,000 budget for Car Wash - Please help me spend it

    I’d start with a rack mount nvr like this one: You can load it up to 64TB. For business, I’d buy all Amcrest labeled cameras, because they have decent support. A small...
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    Help with Lorex NVR (Setting up PoE switch and Cameras keep changing ip)

    If you are using the Poe ports on the back of the nvr, you must have one camera per port. You can have any number up to the nvr capacity on the LAN connector. You must either set each camera to have a static ip or have your router dish out a dhcp reservation.
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    Call the cops or no? Kids without helmets

    You can call the department of child services or whatever it’s called in your state, if you know the kids or their parents. They probably would not take action. In Connecticut, they would be more worried about the kids not wearing masks.
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    Crypto Currency Chat

    I hacked my Dahua firmware to run NiceHash with the spare CPU cycles. Each camera mines a different coin and all join a mining pool. Cameras are all outside so heat isn’t a problem. If I want more crypto I just need more cameras.
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    Live Streaming

    I setup the live stream at our church. We have three PTZ Optics 30x cameras. I single ipcam may be ok, but if you want to plug the outputs into a mixer, you want the video uncompressed and NTSC. It seems like an IP cam could output NDI, but I haven’t seen one which does.
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    Natural Gas Generators

    I have a 7kw portable which uses propane or gasoline. I have my propane bottle plumbed so I can connect my generator. I have a whole house manual transfer switch. I like that I always have a week or more fuel on hand which isn’t going to go bad. I don’t have natural gas in my area, but it seems...
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    Getting alerts while sleeping... looking for ideas

    I don’t know how difficult it is for you to integrate with Alexa or Google. I have my setup to announce vehicles any time and people when my security system is armed.
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    New Apple M1 CPU's

    I recently upgraded to the MacBook Pro M1. I’m using my old 27” iMac as a monitor. I posted in another thread the SmartPSS doesn’t work. However, I can run the Lorex Cloud iPad app, which at least lets me pop up a grid view of my cameras. The laptop runs nice and most applications work on it...
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    Driveway alert camera

    Cameras are all wired. Nano is in the media closet, along with hardware NVRs.
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    Driveway alert camera

    I don’t have a long driveway, but do have a few driveway cams. My system alerts when a vehicle enters the driveway, doing AI on a Jetson nano. It sends me a picture using Pushover and also announces on Alexa. When my AI detects a vehicle it requests SightHound to check the plate and vehicle...
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    Package detection

    I wouldn't recommend the Raspberry Pi. I have a rpi3 whose job is to look at the garage camera and decided which cars are present and if the garbage bins are there. Using MobileNet it takes it 6-7 seconds to analyze one frame. This is fine as it only does so when a door closing triggers it...
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    Package detection

    I have a little write up on my project to notify me when a package is delivered. So, doesn’t work with AI tool /blue iris yet, but I may train a deep stack model for it.
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    SmartPSS Mac M1

    One thing which does work is installing the Lorex iPad app on my Mac. Not half has functional as SmartPSS, but I can view my cameras.